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Take a Little Walk with Me

Take a Little Walk with Me Even this Design Junkie knows there is more to life than design (hard to believe, I know.) So I hope during these holidays, you are able to enjoy time with your loved ones, and to get out and explore some of the great things your neighborhood has to offer. In our neck of the woods is a small puddle known as Lake Tahoe; I thought […] Read more »

Unplugged, Star-struck, & In a Decor Time Warp

Unplugged, Star-struck, & In a Decor Time Warp I think my cell phone was trying to tell me something when it decapitated. I fumbled to take the first call from my sister’s rental car, her family following close behind as we set out to caravan over Tioga Pass. The flip phone became flip-less. Signal-less. Ring-less. Not even the meticulous duct-tape repair by my 18-year-old nephew would bring the phone back to life. This […] Read more »

Kickoff Your New Year’s Resolutions in Style!

Kickoff Your New Year’s Resolutions in Style! Are you whirling through the holiday frenzy? Covered in cookie dough and wrapping paper yet? Do your best to enjoy it all. And when it’s done, here’s your reward. After all the gatherings and the midnight champagne toasts, join us at a special event created just for you. You don’t have to leave your comfy chair to come, and you don’t even have to bake […] Read more »

A Seat to Tweet

A Seat to Tweet Tonight the post is short and sweet; I’ve found a seat where you can Tweet. So you adore Twitter like I do. You care about your followers and dedicate time to keep them up to date. You need a comfy place to Tweet. I went searching and turned to a colorful favorite, Maine Cottage Furniture. Known for its yummy painted furniture, Maine Cottage also has […] Read more »

Calling All Design Junkies

Calling All Design Junkies The best thing about is hanging out with other design and decor-crazed souls. Yes, there are others who: DVR and watch Jonas with their tween daughters, just to peek at the swell modern furniture on set. Stay awake deliberating ‘cornflower or Wedgewood blue paint for the dining room, or would that contemporary damask wallpaper be a better choice?’ Hit the flea market at dawn […] Read more »

Prize Challenge Announcement!

Prize Challenge Announcement! Okay Design Junkies, here’s your chance to win a prize simply by participating in a Challenge. I’ve had such a good response to our Slice It Up Challenge that I know scores of you are planning to enter. But what the heck, here’s a little incentive: Everyone who enters the Slice It Up Challenge will receive one chance in a random drawing for the hot […] Read more »

Challenges Update — Mmmmmm, Coffee

Challenges Update — Mmmmmm, Coffee It’s early on in building our community here (though I am jazzed about the quick growth so far!). I’m talking with talented folks and I have some great topics brewing up for you. But when it comes to our first Challenges design junkies, it’s time for a little incentive. The first Challenge deadline is Wednesday, April 8, in just a few days. To be part […] Read more »

Welcome to

Welcome to Thanks for stopping by on our inaugural day! is a vibrant, community site for people who are into home decorating and design. So if you dream in paint colors, hyperventilate while strolling through IKEA, or if you can’t wait to hit the garage sales to find your next piece to refurbish, you’re in the right place. I call us “Design Junkies.” HomeWorkshop is where […] Read more »

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