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Look Up

Look Up Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective. I remember my sister Anne, the photography teacher, telling me about the ‘worm’s eye view,’ the name for perspective I captured while lying flat across the snow, peering through the icy driftwood, and focusing across the water. The Lake looked massive, yet grounded—I still love that shot. And as a textile designer, my eyes are always open […] Read more »

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012 Salivating for a feast of design? The tables are set and the pillows are plumped for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012, opening this weekend. More than 30 talented West Coast designers have breathtakingly transformed the historic and stately mansion at 2020 Jackson Street, for this 35th annual Showcase—a benefit for San Francisco University High School’s financial aid program. I was privy to a peek […] Read more »

How to Find Art for Your Home

How to Find Art for Your Home Right In Your Own Backyard by Mari Robeson Let’s hit the design road again with Mari Robeson, as she helps a client find the right artwork for her decor. Mari—Interior Design expert and Contributor—takes us inside the world of design, and helps us bring beauty and color to the places we call home.   I love fall, not only because it’s a beautiful weather time […] Read more »

The Lollipop Shop’s Bench 10

The Lollipop Shop’s Bench 10 Well-thought-out public spaces are inspiring. Even something as humble as a bench—in the hands of a good designer—can be striking and functional. This colorful, woven effect is fantastic – don’t you think? That was the idea, when The Lollipop Shop in Old Spitalfields Market, challenged top furniture designers to create innovative public benches, as part of this year’s London Design Festival. These are just a […] Read more »

Antique Show — Remnants of the Past

Antique Show — Remnants of the Past by Mari Robeson Today we travel along with Mari Robeson, as she finds design inspiration at an antiques show. Mari—Interior Design expert and Contributor—takes us inside the world of design, and helps us bring beauty and color to the places we call home. This is not your grandmother’s antique show! One of my favorite things about being Interior Designer is that I’m always working with […] Read more »

An Artist’s Environment

An Artist’s Environment Tahoe ARTour 2010 I find it fascinating to see an artist in his own environment. What colors and forms surround him? What view does he soak in, over his morning coffee? How does the place an artist calls home, influence his work? Come on along and hit the road with me, as we drop in on a few of Lake Tahoe’s gifted artists. I was […] Read more »

CB2 and Creativity Explored Artists

CB2 and Creativity Explored Artists Years back, I attended a San Francisco art sale at the most fantastic place. Creativity Explored is nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. Color and smiles were free-flowing, and I came away with a half dozen of the most uninhibited and visually striking drawings. I was thrilled to learn from my best friend, that CB2 is featuring […] Read more »

Half to Have It

Half to Have It A Garden Accents Treasure Trove This weekend, throngs of us are spending time outdoors, some even heading to the beach. So I thought I’d take you to a spot in a wonderful Northern California beach town. Half Moon Bay is the kind of town where you can spend the morning with sand in your toes, and the afternoon strolling from boutique, to gallery, to mom-and-pop […] Read more »

Upholstered Furniture as Art

Upholstered Furniture as Art Designing and remaking upholstered furniture, and combining it well in a space, is an art. Designer Heather Hilliard is brilliant at it, as evidenced by her living room design for this year’s Marin Designer’s Showcase. Photographs by Michele Lee Willson Photography A classical room with grand proportions, Hilliard wanted it to feel “luxurious and refined but understated” and to function well for both formal entertaining […] Read more »

Little Black Dress — Dressing Room and Bath

Little Black Dress — Dressing Room and Bath Small spaces in our homes are often treated like afterthoughts. Not so for this dressing room and bath worthy of an up-and-coming fashionista. These were favorites of the spaces we saw at this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Photographs by David Duncan Livingston We loved how the designers—George Brazil and Cecilia Sagrera of SagreraBrazilDesign—brought light and a soft, fresh color scheme into the space. And […] Read more »

Designer Lighting Ideas from the Mecca of Design

Designer Lighting Ideas from the Mecca of Design by Leona Gaita Today we are joined by Leona Gaita, Interior Design Expert and Contributor. Leona shares with us her inspiring ideas and advice to help us enrich our homes and lives with beauty and elegance. — I Went to the High Point Market and I Saw the Light! For the first time ever, I made the pilgrimage to the furniture mecca of the […] Read more »

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010 Its spring in the City and time again for The San Francisco Decorator Showcase, a benefit for the financial aid program at San Francisco University High School. You’ll come away with a mansion full of inspiration when you visit this year’s 8,368 square foot Pacific Heights home, open through the end of May. Photographs by Cathy Lambert. 40 of the Bay Area’s top designers have […] Read more »

Design MIX Lighting

Design MIX Lighting Production assistant-fantastico, Lisa and I recently zipped down to L.A. to shoot some new videos for ‘ten,’ our upcoming New Year’s special event. True to form, we worked in a little design browsing. In the barn-like space of Design MIX Furniture (442 South La Brea Avenue), we couldn’t help but look up. Not that the exotic antiques and art at ground level left anything to […] Read more »

Bok Tower & Gardens

Bok Tower & Gardens by Regina Garay It’s a great day! Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Regina Garay,’s Decorative Painting and Surface Design Expert, and our newest Contributor. I’m thrilled with the creative posts Regina has planned for you, and about what we’ll all learn from this true artisan. Read more about Regina at her blog Fauxology. — Hello, Everyone!  First of all, I’d […] Read more »

What is Ikat and How is it Made?

What is Ikat and How is it Made? IKAT. You’d have to be folded up in your pull-out sofa to miss the popularity of this textile. Ikat inspiration board from the studio of textile designer Laura Singh of Color Loom. Ikat (pronounced “ee-kat”) is a loom-woven textile created by a remarkable process. A master weaver first ties bundles of warp threads in precise patterns to prepare for colored dyes. A more intricate resist-dyeing […] Read more »

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