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Frosted Glass Shower Stencil — Designer DIY

Frosted Glass Shower Stencil — Designer DIY Enjoy this first in our series of Designer DIY’s. We start with the fantastically feminine, perfume-bottle-etched glass shower enclosure, from Nancy Van Natta’s Coco Chanel-inspired teenage girl’s bathroom. Nancy designed the shower detail, and decorative painter Levinia Simmonds executed it, for this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. It’s a fabulous look and easy to recreate on your own shower enclosure. Supplies: Photo of a perfume […] Read more »

Copper Sinks Naturally Popular

Copper Sinks Naturally Popular Want a natural aesthetic in your next bathroom, kitchen or bar renovation? How about trading in that ceramic or stainless steel sink for the warmth of a copper one? Shawn Gusz of The Copper Sinks Store shared his know-how with me recently. “We have noticed a higher demand for copper sinks over the past couple of years,” said Gusz. It’s been influenced by the recent […] Read more »

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