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An Artist’s Environment

An Artist’s Environment Tahoe ARTour 2010 I find it fascinating to see an artist in his own environment. What colors and forms surround him? What view does he soak in, over his morning coffee? How does the place an artist calls home, influence his work? Come on along and hit the road with me, as we drop in on a few of Lake Tahoe’s gifted artists. I was […] Read more »

CB2 and Creativity Explored Artists

CB2 and Creativity Explored Artists Years back, I attended a San Francisco art sale at the most fantastic place. Creativity Explored is nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art. Color and smiles were free-flowing, and I came away with a half dozen of the most uninhibited and visually striking drawings. I was thrilled to learn from my best friend, that CB2 is featuring […] Read more »

Shopping for Silver Shimmer

Shopping for Silver Shimmer I think a touch of metallic luster helps most any space; and I admit I’ve still got a shine for a silvery finish. Today it’s an Etsy shopping day – enjoy these dazzling finds. The artist crochets fine wire to create these airy, Feminine Round Lampshades from Yoola. This Divine Aluminum GoodForm Chair from Three Sideways Glances is a mid-century classic, freshly upholstered a graphic, […] Read more »

Liz Scott Fabrics Coming from Moda

Liz Scott Fabrics Coming from Moda Short and sa-weet today. Friend of, fabric designer Liz Scott, wrote me this week with great news. Moda fabrics has picked up Liz’s Sugar Pop collection, and the fabrics will be available in stores this December! Liz Scott Sugar Pop collection for Moda in cool colorways. As you may recall, Liz has had great success designing her own patterns, having fabric printed at Spoonflower, […] Read more »

Christopher Lowell Lead Design Judge for our Alluminare Design Challenge

Christopher Lowell Lead Design Judge for our Alluminare Design Challenge Artists and designers from around the globe worked hard to create 475 amazing original patterns for’s Alluminare Design Challenge. Light fixtures, wallpaper and pillows are anxiously awaiting their new designer looks. So we wanted only the best when it came to our judging team. We wanted a team leader who lives and breathes interior design and art, with successful signature lines of home decor […] Read more »

8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online

8 Top Sites to Buy Artwork Online I’m an art enthusiast. My best friend is an incredible watercolorist and art instructor, and I marvel at what she creates with a vision and a brush. I know countless palette- and pencil-wielding types, some of whom I’ve met doing interviews for our Artist Profiles here on I’ve even dabbled myself. So although there are still many incredible art galleries worth a visit, I’ve […] Read more »

Trend Alert — Sea Life in Home Decor

Trend Alert — Sea Life in Home Decor A trend has swum its way into home decor—Sea Life. Schools of fish? Yes. But also lobster, squid, jellyfish, seahorses and even sea urchins are inhabiting home textiles, ceramics and an ocean of other accessories. It’s an Etsy shopping day today and I’ve found some fabulous (and fun and funky) sea-life pieces for you. The watery-coral design of Karen’s Cool Pots’ Sea-Inspired Pottery Bowl transports […] Read more »

Go to Your Happy Place

Go to Your Happy Place Artist Profile — Amy Flynn The Illustration business isn’t what it used to be. But accomplished illustrator Amy Flynn is thriving. The former Hallmark and Current staff artist made a living for many years painting whimsical, splashy artwork for cards and children’s books. “The way that illustrators work has changed three times over,” said Amy. At first, companies kept illustrators on staff. Then artists were […] Read more »

DIY Canvas Paintings Inspired by Jackson Pollock

DIY Canvas Paintings Inspired by Jackson Pollock by Regina Garay Let’s dance with paint today with our Decorative Painting and Surface Design Expert, and Contributor Regina Garay. Regina blogs about her creative work and inspiration at Fauxology. — My friend, Sharon Adelman, is a true DIYer.  She loves color, she loves design, she loves learning new skills…it’s the starting that’s the hard part.  We were recently on a double date with our […] Read more »

Spring Flowers Home Accents

Spring Flowers Home Accents My snowshoe hike through the woods yesterday showcased winter’s beauty. Frosted pines and cedars dwarfed me as I earned my dinner tromping through nature’s fresh-powder Stairmaster. In the solitude of the forest, only a few speedy squirrels’ tracks crossed mine. Back at the house, as the oxygen returned to my brain it hit me—Hey it’s spring! And while enveloped in all that white—however scenic—I thought […] Read more »

Merging Form and Art

Merging Form and Art Artist Profile — Jo Roessler When does a useful object become art? I think you know it when you see it. Take for example the furniture designed and handcrafted by Jo Roessler of Nojo Design in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Jo has a thing for beds and I think I have a thing for his beds. Artful and refined. What dreams I’d design in one of these […] Read more »

Beauty in the Ordinary

Beauty in the Ordinary Artist Profile — Nancy Monsebroten Award-winning ceramicist Nancy Monsebroten examines things others walk right past. “As a child I was very lucky to grow up on an isolated farm in North Dakota,” said Nancy. “I was outside all the time, walking through nature and looking at nature. I knew where every flower was and when it bloomed. We didn’t get a TV until I was […] Read more »

The Colors of Canada’s Passion

The Colors of Canada’s Passion Artist Profile — Carole Spandau Sparks fly from the keyboard when two of my interests intersect. It’s happening today as I write about art and ice hockey. Yup — this lover of art and design teared up Friday when Bobby Orr carried the Olympic flag, and has been known to wake her babies when Joe Thornton scores a goal. With the Olympics in Canada, I […] Read more »

Rugs That Grandma Would Love

Rugs That Grandma Would Love There’s a trend afoot: Rugs that celebrate the handmade are making a comeback. Like lovingly pieced patchwork quilts, traditionally crafted carpets bring nostalgia and comfort to uncertain times. Hand-hooked wool, raggy braids, and woven recycled textiles—rugs your grandma would love—add a party of saturated color, and the warmth of nubby texture to your space. It’s an Etsy shopping day today—enjoy our handcrafted rug finds from […] Read more »

Of Fearlessness and Life

Of Fearlessness and Life Artist Profile — Roz Two people can look at the same work of art and see something quite different. This I know; but it really hit home when I discovered the work of a woman named Roz. Her kids inspired Roz (a.k.a. Rosilyn Young) to paint the first of her “Leap” series of oils-on-canvas. “I think it was watching my own children jumping around, so […] Read more »

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