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Introducing Secondhand Shabby — Diana’s Ebook!

Introducing Secondhand Shabby — Diana’s Ebook! Our Contributors here at are a talented tribe of design doers, and I am amazed daily at their creations. Excitement abounds today as I announce that our maven of makeovers and wrangler of reuse has published her first Ebook!! Diana Durkes put her sandpaper, paintbrush, camera and keyboard into overdrive, and Secondhand Shabby, her 90-page downloadable Ebook is here!! Inside, Diana demonstrates how to: […] Read more »

Antique Show — Remnants of the Past

Antique Show — Remnants of the Past by Mari Robeson Today we travel along with Mari Robeson, as she finds design inspiration at an antiques show. Mari—Interior Design expert and Contributor—takes us inside the world of design, and helps us bring beauty and color to the places we call home. This is not your grandmother’s antique show! One of my favorite things about being Interior Designer is that I’m always working with […] Read more »

Makeover — ‘Victoria’ the Dressing Table

Makeover — ‘Victoria’ the Dressing Table by Lia Fagan Interior Designer Lia Fagan is back – and another castoff piece of furniture is the better for it. Enjoy Lia’s guest post, and the transformed Deco diva, ‘Victoria’. I rescued Victoria from a local reuse centre…rows upon rows of withered souls just looking to be brought back to life. “My, you’re a long way from the salon.” She was in great shape […] Read more »

Garden Decorating to Reflect Your Style & Personality

Garden Decorating to Reflect Your Style & Personality by Steve & Cathy Lambert Let’s move our decorating wand outdoors, with our Garden and Landscape Design Experts and Contributors Steve and Cathy Lambert. Steve and Cathy share with us great advice for creating beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces. — Garden ornaments add personality, style and whimsy to your garden. For centuries, gardens have been used as outdoor galleries for displaying collections of sculptures […] Read more »

Half to Have It

Half to Have It A Garden Accents Treasure Trove This weekend, throngs of us are spending time outdoors, some even heading to the beach. So I thought I’d take you to a spot in a wonderful Northern California beach town. Half Moon Bay is the kind of town where you can spend the morning with sand in your toes, and the afternoon strolling from boutique, to gallery, to mom-and-pop […] Read more »

New Year’s Resolution: Learn From the Past

New Year’s Resolution: Learn From the Past Design Expert: Judith Miller One of the world’s leading experts in antiques and collectibles, Judith explains how to Learn from the Past and use these beautiful and storied objects in our interiors.   Judith Miller is surrounded by moments. Glancing at her dining room table, she recalled the surprise in Newport Beach, California. “I was doing a lecture at the Decorative Arts Society,” said Judith. […] Read more »

Flea Market Shopping Tips From Kenneth Brown

Flea Market Shopping Tips From Kenneth Brown Thanks for hanging out with us by video last week, as we scored vintage furniture and accessories at the legendary Rose Bowl Flea Market. With renowned designer and TV host Kenneth Brown as stellar guide, we delighted in our finds and honed our shopping skills. This Market is massive and we only covered a fraction of its home decor possibilities, but saw more than we […] Read more »

Kenneth Brown Shops the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Kenneth Brown Shops the Rose Bowl Flea Market Let’s spend a Design Junkie’s dream day together in Pasadena, California as we scour a world-class marketplace for decorator finds with one of the planet’s top designers. Watch and learn from Kenneth Brown, acclaimed interior designer and host of HGTV’s reDesign as he shops the legendary Rose Bowl Flea Market. We get up with the sun and comb the Rose Bowl with Kenneth, a member […] Read more »

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