Alluminare Design Challenge — Top 31 Entries

48 — Elzbieta Gleske-Jarosz, Birmingham, England

48 Note: Entry 47 shows this design in macro view.

Artist’s Description: Collection of the modern lace “Comeback to the Past” – Repeated pattern – Pattern 3
Judges Comments
Libby: I am intrigued by this artist’s submissions. I like the stitched look. I think it would give the pattern some texture, even in large scale, and then in small scale, the stitching would look like solid lines and still provide some clear shapes.

52 — Tsirimpilova Yulia, Liege, Belgium


Artist’s Description: Illusion pattern with bird, #2
Judges Comments
Libby: These shapes took some thought, and I think the colors will play together well. Plus, I think birds are really something right now. Keep seeing them pop up in surface/pattern design.

56 — Dasha Wagner, Dubuque, IA


Artist’s Description: Japanese Waves. The design of this pattern has been inspired by Japanese ancient textile art.
Judges Comments
Libby: Love. I like the arrangement of this pattern. I can see this on a lamp shade, and I like that it’s just two colors.

66 — Samantha Salinas, Mexico city, Mexico


Artist’s Description: naughty play of free lines
Judges Comments
Friday: Freeform lines are lyrical and would look great in a variety of scales.
Libby: I’d be curious to see this repeated several times. I like the concept.

79 — Jahnvi Thaker, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India


Artist’s Description: Modern art form of petals with patterns repeated in harmony
Judges Comments
Friday: Modern Indian design, so comforting and cool at the same time.

82 — Jahnvi Thaker, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India


Artist’s Description: A vintage look design with vintage colors.
Judges Comments
Friday: .
Reminds me of an intricate bed cover I purchased in India years ago and have since parted with. I should have kept that bedcover. A very accessible pattern with a traditional feel. Beautiful

97 — Kevat Padh, Mumbai, India


Artist’s Description: It is a fresh design with lemon shades and would make any room glow with its intertwined pattern.
Judges Comments
Friday: Fresh and modern. Love his colorway, but would look great in a lot of colorways, including half-tones.
Libby: I really like this one.

103 — Nandita Padh Mumbai, India


Artist’s Description: it is a simple design made to look a room rich and sober.
Judges Comments
Friday: A rich look with broad appeal.
Libby: This reminds me of art deco

142 — Samantha Salinas, Mexico city, Mexico


Artist’s Description: Marias. Inspired by the traditional Mexican dolls
Judges Comments
Friday: I am so charmed by this. I think it will work beautifully on wall art for a kids room. I must like this because I played with paper dolls as a kid.

143 — Roshni Abraham, Bangalore, India


Artist’s Description: BLOOM
Judges Comments
Friday: Safe pattern, not busy, yet beautiful and unique.

145 — Roshni Abraham, Bangalore, India


Artist’s Description: FLORAL WAVE
Judges Comments
Friday: Classic, “safe” pattern for those who like a classic look. Good commercial pattern.
Libby: Evidently, I like this artist.

157 — Maria Cheek, Roswell, GA USA


Artist’s Description: A bird among the flowers. This pattern is great as a 2/c silhouette, but the bird can also be selected to be a stand out color – if you’re into that sort of thing. Blow it up for a whimsical wallpaper.
Judges Comments
Friday: I love all of Maria Cheek’s submissions. People love birds and this one is so inventive with the print on the bird. Flexible pattern with her idea of making the bird a separate color.

165 — Samantha Salinas, Mexico city, Mexico


Artist’s Description: rain drops and rainbow falling down
Judges Comments
Libby: I like the interplay of the shapes, and how they don’t stop where you’d think they might.

170 — Edmond Manukyan, Prague Czech Republic


Artist’s Description: sleek and geometric shapes, dynamic rotation of the samples, luxury!
Judges Comments
Libby: I kept coming back to this one. I keep seeing hexagons here and there — tv sets, dishes. I think this shape is really something right now, and this pattern gives the opportunity to add some color. The hexagon patterns I’ve seen are typically two-color, so I think this one would give an added dimension with the color options.

197 — Edmond Manukyan, Prague Czech Republic


Artist’s Description: Luxury, floral pattern, for Royal bed
Judges Comments
Friday: Reminds me of Tiki—would consider this in my own home during the winter months in warm oranges and graupe. Would also love this in a tone-on-tone. Tiki has meaning, but because this is abstract, this would look Tiki without messing with the meaning behind it.
Libby: Art Nouveau or Art Deco-ish. I like this.

217 — Kate Locke, Arlington, MA USA

Basic RGB

Artist’s Description: Inspired by wind currents and patterns
Judges Comments
Friday: Beautiful old-world feel with a clean, modern line

247 — Rosario Solis, Iloilo City, Philippines


Artist’s Description: Inspired by the hippie, bohemian movement during the 60’s.
Judges Comments
Friday: I’ve personally tested paisely with 3 focus groups and settled on the one we have now. People don’t like a lot of fuzzy lines (they look like bugs to them), so it is a challenge. I believe a focus group would like this paisley due to the clean lines and the lack of “fuzzyness”. A great modern paisley and not too 60s-dated to work in modern spaces.
Libby: Cute.

274 — Diksha, Roswell, GA, US


Artist’s Description: Pink and Black Floral Cluster
Judges Comments
Friday: Nice balance and not too busy.

287 — Nicky Martin, London, England


Artist’s Description: I’ve used henna design as the inspiration for this pattern. The design is intricate, so I have decided to keep it simple using one colour.
Judges Comments
Friday: Beautiful flow. People love natural elements and these look like leaves to me.
Libby: I can see this doing well on

295 — Cibele, Madrid, Spain


Artist’s Description: I always liked chickens, the simplicity and naïve character of their forms. That inspired me to create my pattern. And they are funny as well. It’s because of this “funny” touch I think this pattern will make a good addition to Alluminare’s repertoire.
Judges Comments
Friday: Another pattern that makes my heart sing. Great “cheeky” print for anything from kitchen to kids. It is a bit whimsical for our current line, but as we add new products, this pattern would fit in nicely.

324 — Eri, Manila, Philippines


Artist’s Description: Inspired by my anticipation of the rainy season. It’s just sooo hot here in my country right now! (2 colors)
Judges Comments
Friday: Rain is a wonderful motif to work with. Areas of the country experience drought from time-to-time, and I think this would render as refreshing and cool.

367 — Shruti Maidam, Shrewsbury,MA,USA


Artist’s Description: I designed this pattern especially for Kids. This pattern can be used for wallpapers/fabrics/lamp shades.
Judges Comments
Friday: Makes my heart sing, perfect for children’s room

371 — Jonas Cederholm, Gothenburg, Swede

371Note: Entry 370 shows this pattern in another colorway

Artist’s Description: Ponchos, mexico, egypt, aztec … those were some of the things floating around in the back of my mind while creating this pattern.
Judges Comments
Friday: Wonderful for a desert southwest home, fills a niche in our line. A Swedish designer conjures up his fantasy of Santa Fe. Delicious.

391 — Dori Melton, Oakland, CA, USA


Artist’s Description: This design was inspired by the Art Nouveau style with organic motifs that hint at peacock feathers. The clean look is pleasing in many colorways, scaled up or down and works well with custom home decor.
Judges Comments
Friday: A beautiful, thoughtful design.
Libby: Well thought-out

393 — Billy Hobbs, Rogers, Arkansas, USA


Artist’s Description: Vintage Ovals
Judges Comments
Friday: Modern and flowing shape.

401 — Janice Kee-Son, Toronto, ON, Canada


Artist’s Description: Overlapping circles create a rhythmic pattern while colour is used to create emphasis. A graphic twist on a classic pattern.
Judges Comments
Libby: I like this one for the unique opportunity the consumer would have to modify this classic pattern with color choices.

406 — Janice Kee-Son, Toronto, ON, Canada


Artist’s Description: De-constructed flower created with shapes in a cascading pattern. Depending on the colours, this pattern can create a very different emotion making it versatile.
Judges Comments
Friday: Classic, “safe” pattern for those who like a classic look. Good commercial pattern.

418 — Amanda Allison, Manchester, England


Artist’s Description: Country Flowers. This design reminds me of a quaint country cottage. The design is delicate and interesting to look at. This design would work well across all Alluminaire’s mediums.
Judges Comments
Friday: Folk-art, arts-and-crafts-movement goodness. Would be perfect in a vintage home.

436 — Renata Rubim, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


Artist’s Description: GRID: My intention was to create an illusion of transparency and layers. It can be made many colorways and it was hard to choose the final one to submit!
Judges Comments
Libby: I feel like this one has some unique depth to it. Overlapping shapes make for some interesting color options.

443 — karina jasmin edde, rio de janeiro, rj, brazil


Artist’s Description: this print is inspired by the copacabana sidewalk.
Judges Comments
Friday: Pop-art inspired, great mod look

452 — Kathryn Shinko, Mansfield, OH, USA


Artist’s Description: I am crazy about Damask patterns and am delighted to see that they are popular right now, but I get more joy out of making my own. This one has an Old World, European look; I wanted it to be elegant and unique, but suitable for any application.
Judges Comments
Friday: Original damasks can be challenging—they can be too quirky for many. But this damask draws so much from traditional looks that I could see it in a modern tropical home as well as a traditional one. Fabulous in a large scale on a pendant shade.

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