Drum Chandies — DIY Ornament #18

DIY Ornament - Drum Chandies

Today, for Day #18 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments we treat our trees to interior design-inspired glitz.

Don’t you just love a glam chandelier? In my opinion, there is not much that makes as beautiful a statement in a space. And you can find one that complements just about any decor. Tops on my wish list lately are chic, contemporary drum shades that spill out waterfalls of crystals, like Zia Priven’s tasty creations.

So, our handmade ornament today is a mini chandelier, with a stream of crystal beads wrapped by a spunky, satiny drum shade. And did I mention that the base for the ornament is a recycled cardboard TP tube?

Materials for Mini Chandelier Ornaments

Materials and Tools:

  • Cardboard TP tubes
  • Satin ribbon in your color scheme –
    one-half inch to one inch wide.
  • Scissors
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Brush to apply glue
  • Scotch tape
  • Crystal-look beads
  • Needle and thread

1. Measure and mark the cardboard tube, and cut it to one and one-half inches long.

Cut Recycled TP Tube down to size

2. Cut a piece of ribbon about eight feet long. Put a spot of glue on the end of the ribbon and press it to the inside of the tube. Clamp it down with a piece of scotch tape (this will be covered up by the wrapped ribbon). Start to wrap the ribbon around the tube, holding it taught, but not tight. Double wrap the ribbon around to anchor it at the start.

Double-wrap the ribbon to start

3. Wrap the tube in ribbon, with each round covering about one-half of the previous wrap. Continue all the way around, until the tube is covered.

Wrap the Recycled TP Tube in Ribbon

4. Cut the ribbon so that the end will fall in the middle of the inside of the tube Glue down the ribbon end, and temporarily clamp the end with a piece of tape.

Glue Down the Ribbon End

Temporary Tape Clamp

3. Thread your sewing needle, double the thread and knot it. Sew a thread “lampshade spider.” This will support the crystal bead drop, and will give you a place to attach your ornament hanger.

Carefully anchor the thread on the inside top edge of one side of your ribbon tube. Bring the thread across the center of the tube and secure the thread in the inside top edge, on opposite side of the tube. Pull the thread taught (not so tight that it misshapes your tube); knot and cut the end of the thread. Repeat, and run another thread perpendicular to the first. Your two threads will cross in the center of the top of the tube (see photos).

Sew on Thread Lampshade Spider

4. Make three strands of crystal-look beads. To stagger the length, I made a strand each of five, six and seven beads. Tie off the thread just above the beads and cut the excess thread to about five inches long.

Three Beaded Strands Ready

5. Tie the three beaded strands together in a loop knot, and tighten the knot about 1/4″ -1/2″ above the beads. Now this beaded drop is ready to tie onto your lampshade.

Beaded Drop

6. Separate into two, the excess threads at the top of the beaded drop. Now thread these up from the bottom of your shade, around opposite corners of the center “cross” in the thread spider. Tie securely. Loop the thread ends back under the spider and bring them up at the remaining opposite corners of the cross in the spider. Tie securely. Carefully trim the excess thread.

Crystal Beaded Drop Ready to Tie onto Drum Shade Chandelier Ornament

Tie on the crystal beads

7. You’re brilliant – look what you just made! When the glue is dry, remove the temporary tape piece. Then add some wire or an ornament hook to your sparkly Drum Chandies.

Cute Little Chandelier Ornaments

DIY Ornaments - Drum Chandies

That’s it! Now put on the hot cider, and get to glitzing your tree. Thanks for being here for Day #18 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments.

Next time, a fun twist on a classic craft….

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That’s fantastic and what an honor! The ornaments are beautiful.

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