Wired Snowdrops – DIY Ornament #1

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Wired Snowdrops

Welcome to Day #1 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments!

30 Days of Designer DIY Ornaments at HomeWorkshop

Let’s spring into action with a funky, fast project. Once you gather the materials, each ornament takes just 5 minutes to make!!

18-Gauge Plastic Coated Electrical WireThe secret ingredient? Plastic-coated electrical wire. Easy to find at your local hardware store, I used white wire (to match my planned color scheme).

Be sure to buy the kind that is quite flexible and bends easily. I chose the 18-gauge that I found threads nicely through the beads.

For the beads, I bought an inexpensive, assorted pack of coated plastic beads and selected those with the larger holes, and in my color scheme of metallics, lavender and aqua.

DIY Holiday Ornaments Materials for Wired Snowdrops

Materials & Tools:

  • 18-gauge plastic-coated electrical wire
    (sold by the roll or by the foot — you’ll need about 1.5 feet for each ornament)
  • Beads in the colors you like, with holes large enough to thread your wire. I used two medium sized and one larger bead for each ornament (see photo).
  • Ruler
  • Wire-cutter
  • 1″ dowel or broomstick, etc. to wrap the wire around (I used giant crochet hook I had on hand).

1. Measure and cut a 17-inch length of wire for each ornament.

Measure the Wire

Measure to 17 Inches

Cut the Wire

2. Thread three beads onto one end of the wire. The last bead you thread will go at the bottom of your ornament. I chose to use two medium-sized beads, followed by a large bead at the bottom.

Thread the Beads on the Wire

3. Pull 3 inches of wire through the bottom bead, and fold that end of wire back over the 3 beads.

Fold the Beads over the Wire

4. Holding the folded end of wire tight to the threaded beads, bring the exposed end up to just above the top bead and wrap the wire end around the threaded wire (see photo). You should have enough wire to wrap about 2 1/2 to 3 twists around.

5. Hold the beaded end of the wire against the side of your dowel. Then wrap the rest of the wire in tight spirals around the dowel. Hold the spirals, tight against the dowel for a few seconds, then slide it off.


6. Stretch out the spiraled wire slightly (to your liking) then straighten out the beaded end of the wire and adjust it to be centered at the bottom of your spiral, with the beads facing front.

7. Fold the top inch of wire over, to create a self-hook for hanging the ornament. Your ornament is done – repeat for however many you’d like to make. Here are some of mine (kitty assistance is optional).

Wired Snowdrops all Done

8. Hang on your tree, and enjoy the whimsical, industrial chic!

Thanks to our adorable 10-year-old hand model, and thanks to you for joining us for Day #1 of 30 Days of DIY Designer Ornaments! Let us know what you think; and please share your photos of your completed ornaments & tree with us!

Join us again tomorrow!

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6 Comments for “Wired Snowdrops – DIY Ornament #1”

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Cute idea and I loved the paw model in the last picture!

Love this, I tons of colored wire all over my garage that will make fun outdoor ornaments.

Yes, Lisa. Paw models are all the rage on Paris runways.

Nice to “see” you,


Wonderful idea for outdoor wire ornaments! This is a real quickie project once you have the materials, so you could probably spin out a bunch. Shoot us a photo when you’re done — we’d love to see what you do!!


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