To Excite and Soothe

Artist Profile — Sharon Cummings

The moment I spied artist Sharon Cummings paintings, I needed to know her philosophy about color.

Abstract 1 by Sharon Cummings

“Colors are never bold enough for me…never bright enough…and there aren’t enough of them,” she said. “I go for ‘impact’. I use color to draw attention and create a ‘feeling’.”

Somewhere in the Sun by Sharon Cummings

I was captivated by the lively works in her mosaic, Labor of Love series, that seem so confident and joyful.

Healing Light by Sharon Cummings

Turns out that art has done more for Sharon than help her to express joy. “From a very early age I used coloring, painting and drawing as a means of coping with some pretty serious childhood trauma,” she said. “I believe it was my main coping mechanism.”

From then on, art played a large role in Sharon’s life.

She has a Masters degree in Fine Art, but never took a painting class, and she considers herself ‘self-taught’ in that regard. “My emphasis was on marketing and the commercial side of art,” said Sharon.

She Is a River by Sharon Cummings

Committed to her passion and work, Sharon paints up to seven days a week in her Tampa, Florida home studio. To keep from getting bored, she works in a variety of styles. “I would say that I am a much better painter now than I was even a year ago,” she said.

Invisible Blue Sun by Sharon Cummings

Struggling artist? Not.

Seven years ago Sharon sold her first painting, and made a jaw-dropping amount in her first month. “I knew I had found what I was meant to be doing,” she said.

She has sold exclusively online, putting to good use her art marketing knowledge. “It has been simply amazing,” she said. “I have sold over 1,500 originals and countless prints over the last seven years. All using various online galleries and social networking sites
like Facebook.”

Moving Forward by Sharon Cummings

When she needs new ideas, she looks inward. “I am not the type of artist that goes looking for inspiration,” said Sharon. “Nearly all of my work is pulled from my head at point of creation.”

Artist Sharon CummingsSeems others can relate to what’s inside that head of hers.

“People have described my work as both exciting and soothing at the same time.”

You can reach Sharon, see more of her artwork and buy paintings and prints through her sites/galleries at Fine Art America, Yessy and Etsy.

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3 Comments for “To Excite and Soothe”

My Goodness — this artwork just speaks to me. So lush and visually pleasing. Thank you for posting this. Off to check the links!

Isn’t it lively, Regina?? The way you describe it is just how I choose artists to cover for our profiles – when the artwork speaks to me.

Happy week!

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