Laptop Pods — Love it or Leave it?

Design Junkies – the second I saw these, I knew I needed to get your opinion.

Society Apartments Laptop Pods

At Work in a Laptop PodFor its design of the 242-apartment, ‘Society’ complex in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia, the architects—Plus Architecture—wanted to create a sense of community.

Core to its concept is an active communal lobby including a lounge and bar, surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants, and with access to a ‘contemplation garden.’

These egg-like ‘laptop pods’ are part of its ‘Lobby Culture.’ Designed by Emma Selzer of stacked, laser-cut plywood, the pods are meant to entice residents to work in the common spaces, instead of tucking themselves away in their own apartments.

(via Notcot.)

What’s your reaction to the laptop pods? Tell us what you think.

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One Comment for “Laptop Pods — Love it or Leave it?”

Very clever and inventive! Interesting to see concepts of everyday objects in a different light. Seeing it actually come to fruition and to good use as well. As a designer, I am always on the lookout for sources of inspiration and ideas like these do keep me inspired. Publisher,

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