Contemporary Beauty Inspired by the Past

E. Pearce Revisited

Designers often turn to history for inspiration. But rather than looking to reproduce past works, what if instead we interpret, using technologies that are completely current? Extraordinary design can result.

Tribeca Loft Staircase  by workshop/apd

Case in point? This staircase that design firm, workshop/apd created for its contemporary update of a modern Tribeca loft.

The work pays homage to this Baroque staircase attributed to 17th century English master Edmund Pearce (on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)

Detail of Water-Jet-Cut Steel and Railing

According to the firm, “Where Pearce incorporated oak leaves and pine cones, we digitized interlaced tree branches to create an element of modern-day beauty and craft in water-jet cut steel, bringing fancifulness and ornamentation back to architecture.

“Like its predecessor, the dramatic scroll – now in perforated steel – weaves the two floors together in a unique way.”

Detail of Perforated Steel and Beams

See more views and details at workshop/apd’s Web site.

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7 Comments for “Contemporary Beauty Inspired by the Past”

My co-workers might have wondered just now what the shrill sound coming from my office was just now when I saw this WONDERFUL use of metal! LOVE LOVE IT! Have you any idea how absolutely endless the design implications are here!? Overwhelmed with joy! …still squealing on the inside! hee hee

The honey colored wood juxtaposed to the gun-metal gray tones is absolutely fabulous — the whole thing is fabulous but I was struck by the colors in particular.

Yowzah, I screamed when I read your comment, Saffron! Gotta love pure enthusiasm. And joy.

Now I am wondering, what will you create? Can’t wait to hear about it.

Squeal on,

Good point, “fun.” Love how the textures interact too.

Thanks for visiting,

This is actually Ferra Designs handiwork! So glad you all appreciate it!

Hi Tracey,

It’s fantastic what you all fabricated here. It stretches the possibilities for what can be done with metal.

Thanks for the information and your comment.

Beautiful idea and well finished..

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