Chat with Interior Designers Live this Thursday

Twitter #IDzinechat Thursday, June 24, 8 pm Eastern

Design Junkies, wouldn’t you love to pose your decorating questions to a panel of professional Interior Designers, and get answers, for free? (We’re talking gobs of talented design professionals—from across the nation and the world—some you may even recognize from your TV screen!)

Live Chat with Interior Designers

Interior Designers, what if you could spend an hour and get the pulse on what today’s consumers and homeowners most need and want?

If this sounds peachy to you, join us on Twitter this Thursday, June 24 at 8 pm Eastern
(5 pm Pacific), for the next gathering of #IDzinechat!

Wanda S HortonHorton, a career interior designer and social media enthusiast, from the Charlotte, North Carolina area, helped create #IDzinechat when her Twitter friend, furniture industry social media specialist, Leslie Carothers, suggested the idea. It evolved from a Twitter chat, into a forum to help consumers and designers navigate what Horton calls “a period of shift” in design.

“That shift is related to lots more information being more readily available to consumers – from the Internet, design blogs, online shopping outlets, TV shows, and more,” said Horton. “And of course the economy.”

Consumers want inspiration and value…a little guidance would be a big help to them.

— Designer Wanda S. Horton

“Consumers want inspiration and value. Some readily tackle projects on their own, and others are confused and a little guidance would be a big help to them.”

“It’s like because your DIY-diva friend does all these things, you feel you should be able to go it on your own. And we’re saying ‘Hey, you still have permission to talk with a designer.’
#IDzinechat provides that in a fun, unthreatening way.”

The hour is not meant for designers to solicit business. #IDzinechat’s rules for designers participating in the chat are “No gimmicks, no solicitations, no charge.”

So why would design pros give out advice for free? What do they get out of this
Twitter gathering?

According to Wanda, “Designers are trying to figure out what their role is in this new world. Forums like this help us know how to give consumers the services and products they want, and help us to do a better job.”

Armed with such knowledge, designers can fine-tune their offerings, and spend their continuing-design-education time wisely.

Sure, some designers will resist participating in an open sharing. But Horton has always believed that an educated client makes for a more successful project, and has found the majority of designers to be of a similar mindset.

“The outcome makes our clients feel more like they were part of a collaborative, team effort,” she said.

How to attend tomorrow’s #IDzinechat:

  1. Before tomorrow night, if you are not already there, join Twitter.
  2. Be on Twitter and ready to chat, a little before 8 pm Eastern (5 pm Pacific), Thursday, June 24.
  3. Use the hashtag #IDzinechat in all your tweets and follow the conversation with a running search on the same hashtag.

‘Say what??’ you ask. Horton does a great job of explaining this Twitter terminology, and the ABC’s of following along in her #IDzinechat story here.

While you’re at it over there in Twitter-land, be sure to follow Horton @WandaSHorton, Carothers @tkpleslie, and what the heck — follow me @HomeWorkshop.

(An aside — Horton and Carothers hope to bring on other designers to help moderate future chats. Contact them if interested.)

Can’t wait to see tomorrow you at the virtual design party!!

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