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& World Class Designer

Here at, we’ve been swimming in home decor patterns for weeks. And now, thanks to your votes, one design floated to the top of the pond.*

Congratulations to Billy Hobbs. Rogers, Arkansas, USA! His mod, fluid design has the versatility to make it a great home decor pattern.


Our Lead Design Judge and home design icon, Christopher Lowell, said this about
Billy’s design:

“Depending on color choice, this could easily go from organic to pop art. Its range is calm and sensual or upbeat and highly graphic depending on chosen contrasts. I like its non-gender specific attitude. Its flow and movement give it a contained animation. Its soft, pod-in-water-like suggestion could integrate well into both global-organic modern, traditional and pop or young and hip spaces.”


Here’s a letter from Christopher:

Christopher Lowell“Congratulations to the winning artist,
Billy Hobbs:

I just wanted to lend my congratulations to Billy for developing a design that bridged many of the art and commerce components to make it now a welcome addition to many homes.

All the artist submissions I saw were truly amazing. And seriously, there was not a loser in the bunch. Had it not been for the first round of great judges, Alluminare’s Founder Friday Shamblen and Independent Graphic Artist and Alluminare World Class Designer Libby Unwin, who whittled my picks down to the last thirty, I’d still be judging—LOL.

I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge all of you who voted too. I know you had fun doing so as many of you told me so via social networks. I hope now that you are all aware of these two fine businesses, that you’ll take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and expertise they can offer you on many levels. So folks, bookmark both these businesses as I have, so they’re there to help you at a moment’s notice.

Lastly, this competition gave me the opportunity to directly interface with the folks at both and Alluminare where I had the pleasure of meeting some remarkable, dedicated and charming people who really care about design and you the consumer—something we all have in common.

Thank you all for a fun experience,”

Christopher Lowell

How exciting that soon, you will be able to use Billy’s pattern in your own home, or interior design project. Remember that at Alluminare, you can customize any designer’s pattern simply by changing the color and the scale.

Billy! Alluminare’s Founder, Friday Shamblen will be in touch with you very soon, to make your design (and possibly future designs) available on Alluminare’s gorgeous light fixtures, wallpaper, home fabrics and accessories. You will join the ranks of Alluminare’s World Class Designers, and your bio and photo will appear on Alluminare’s Web site.

When products with your design sell, you’ll receive royalty payments! And to top it off you’ve won a $300 gift code to shop at (good for fabric and wallpaper shipped worldwide, and manufactured goods like light fixtures and throw pillows shipped to the U.S. and Canada.)

Back to the Top Ten patterns. These artists all deserve praise for creating such attractive and thoughtful patterns. Christopher said it well, “all stars and the cream of the crop.” Not surprisingly, there was strong support for a number of entries. The final vote tally* for the top three was:

Billy Hobbs 184, Renata Rubim 83, Maria Cheek 66.
Nicky Martin was close behind.

Check out all Top Ten patterns here, and read Christopher Lowell’s commentary on each, and his insightful tips for choosing patterns for home decor in general.

Here read more about the Challenge, and view all 475 patterns that designers and artists created. Thanks again to all the fantastic artists and designers that entered. You make this world a prettier place.

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*The original winner was declared ineligible, after we found copyright-protected elements that required a licensing fee, were used in her design.

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7 Comments for “Alluminare Design Challenge Winner”

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Kathy. Another great Design Challenge! Congratulations to you, Friday, Alluminare and the winner – Jahnvi Thaker

Great to see so many wonderful designs submitted.

Our original runner-up, Billy Hobbs, has been declared the winner of our Alluminare Design Challenge. Read the announcement here.

[…] This is clearly a violation of the rules of the Challenge, as stated in the original post and in the Challenge Instructions. We therefore, declare our runner-up, Billy Hobbs, as Winner of the Alluminare Design Challenge. Congratulations to Billy!! […]

The decor pattern from Billy Hobbs is truly nice. It would fit perfectly in my living room where I have green wallpapers.

Thanks, Elli. We loved it too. So great that his designs are now being marketed on the Alluminare site. There you can buy it on a lamp, throw pillows and more to accent your space.


[…] new World Class Designer, Billy Hobbs was the winner of the design challenge led by Christopher Howell. Billy is an artist and a graphic designer and his […]

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