Designer Nursery for Baby 1, 2, 3

Parents of triplets can use any shred of tranquility they can get their diaper-strapping, baby-bouncing hands on. What if the nursery could be designed to relax?

That’s what Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt and her team at Marsh & Clark Design accomplished with their Nursery Design for Triplets, at this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Designer Nursery for Triplets

The subdued color palette isn’t what you typically see in nursery design. “As with any room, even more so in a nursery, I strove to create a sense of calm…,” said Stephanie.

“I used Beacon Gray (from Benjamin Moore) because of the complexity of the color–at times it appears gray and in a different light, appears blue. I think it is a soothing color for both babies and adults.”

A Sparkling, Calm Designer Nursery

Light takes a starring role in this nursery, streaming in through the trio of dormer windows, and bouncing off the beaded glass of the Maya Romanoff wallpaper, in the custom-patchwork feature wall.

“I like to create original patterns in rooms that generate movement and echo other design elements within the space,” said Stephanie. “In this case, the pattern of the wallpaper could be interpreted as the shadow generated by the celestial light fixture. I chose the Maya Romanoff glass-beaded wallpaper because the nature of the glass beads reflects light so beautifully.”

“I drew the pattern on graph paper to start, and with the help of an amazing wallpaper hanger, Norman J. Meunier, who painstakingly installed each 3 x 3-inch square into the pattern I designed, we were able to translate our idea from a piece of paper to the nursery wall.”

Custom Chandelier Light Mobiles

Mama Look at those Pretty Lights

Each baby gets his own universe of sparkle with a custom-designed chandelier floating above his crib.

“I had seen light fixtures that were similar, but nothing really the size and volume that I wanted,” said Stephanie. “So I custom designed them to be the proper proportion for above a crib; just big enough to serve as a light fixture as well as a decorative mobile. I love the way the small, crystal beads reflect light and create patterns on the ceiling and walls.”

Constellation Window Seats

Further play with light happens at night, through the backlit ‘constellations’ drilled into the face of the light-box window seats.

“I wanted to create multiple sources of light in the room and the idea of gentle night lights, I felt was important in a nursery,” said Stephanie. “Their placement in the room creates a nice glow around the bottom perimeter of the room.” Another constellation is drilled into the face of the closet door.

Warm woods complement the white furnishings in the clean, modern space. Stephanie designed the graceful cribs, and had them crafted locally, from toxin-free materials.

Changing Tables Double as Wall Mirrors

A feature this design-loving mom found particularly useful is the drop-down changing tables that double as decorative wall mirrors.

Inspired by the less pretty versions found in airport bathrooms, this design would be useful in many nursery settings. “You can hang it on the wall at any height, so it’s comfortable for any mother,” said Stephanie.

“The steel cables make this a sturdy design engineered to hold up to 130 lbs–safe enough for any baby or growing toddler. It’s also incredibly versatile; when you no longer need a changing table, I designed it so you can add interior shelves for hidden storage. ”

Hightower Stingray Rocker

Tucked into a cozy corner is a modern-style rocker big enough for multiples–Hightower’s ‘Sting Ray’.

A Twinkling Baby Nursery Corner

A Calming Designer Nursery for Triplets

I love the serenity of this space—it was a tangible feeling when I walked into the room—and the three baby-islands of comfort and light.

Maybe there is no such thing as peace in a household with triplets, but this nursery design is a step in the right direction.


I know first-hand that raising little ones can sometimes make you feel anything but calm.

How do you add pockets of peace to a home (and a life) with young children?

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3 Comments for “Designer Nursery for Baby 1, 2, 3”

I love the serenity of this triplet nursery…and especially the custom lighting above the cribs. A mother of triplets most certainly needs a serene nursery!

Hi Sherri,

The room does have a peacefulness. Now I’m sure that wouldn’t be the same when all three kids are wailing at 3 a.m. — but it’s a step in the right direction. The light fixtures are gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping in,

Hi, just wanted say thank you for post and make one small note — the beautiful cribs are custom designed but credit should go to Rob Taboada our favorite furniture maker. He is amazing!

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