Spring Flowers Home Accents

My snowshoe hike through the woods yesterday showcased winter’s beauty. Frosted pines and cedars dwarfed me as I earned my dinner tromping through nature’s fresh-powder Stairmaster. In the solitude of the forest, only a few speedy squirrels’ tracks crossed mine.

Back at the house, as the oxygen returned to my brain it hit me—Hey it’s spring! And while enveloped in all that white—however scenic—I thought we could use a splash of spring color. So here are some hand-crafted, blooming Etsy finds to help welcome spring to
your home.

JaneCatonArt Tulips in a Blue Vase Painting

Jane Canton’s original oil painting, Tulips in a Blue Vase is just the ticket. And MeMeNMe’s Posey and Pansy Recylcled Bottlecap Magnets will dot your office or fridge with kaleidoscopic detail.

MeMeNMe Posey and Pansy Recycled Bottlecap Magnets

Prefer cherry blossoms? Plant Derilyn’s Cherry Blossom Hand-Painted Pillow on
your loveseat.

Derilyn Cherry Blossom Tree Painted Pillow

Or top your bed linens in DuvetLove’s Cherry Blossom Branches Duvet Cover:

Duvet Love Cherry Blossom Duvet Cover

The Keepers House Daffodil Painted Centerpiece Mat

My favorite spring bulb brings its golden glow to your table with TheKeepersHouse’s hand-painted Daffodil Centerpiece Mat. And fantastico-reuse props for the day go to RetiredRecords’ for its recycled record-album Daffodil Sculpture!

RetiredRecords Daffodil Sculpture

Toss some soft blossoming ruffles on your sofa with Jper0822’s Tickled Pink
Pansy Pillow:

Jper0822 Tickled Pink Pansy Pillow

WhitneySmith's Dogwood Flower Cake Stand

And imagine the elegant petit fours you’ll present on WhitneySmith’s Dogwood Flower Cake Stand. Or the fresh strawberries, herbed goat cheese and crackers that you’ll serve on Dgordon’s Hand-Built Nesting Hydrangea Bowls.

DGordon Nesting Hydrangea Bowls

She’s got the spring thing down, so I couldn’t resist including another work by Jane Canton, this one her Two Single Red Tulips Giclee.

JaneCatonArt Two Single Red Tulips Giclee

Dedeetsyshop White Linen Button Flower Bean Bags

Prefer to spring into whimsical florals? No problem. Toss in Dedeetsyshop’s White Linen Button Flower Bean Bags, or bring spring to the kids room year-round with BarefootWendy’s Flower Headboard.

BarefootWendy's Flower Headboard


What are you doing
to freshen up your space this spring?

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Love the fresh looking headboards!

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