Ta-Da! RoomsByYou Challenge Results

RoomsByYou Custom Home Textiles Challenge

You all started with a blank slate like this room. You clicked and dragged, mixed and matched. And because you created some well-designed, colorful teen rooms, the decision was not easy.

Blank Canvas Room

But, it is time to call this Challenge. I am so glad the winner was chosen by our
expert judges:

Jon LeafstedtJon Leafstedt, founder of RoomsByYou and in the past, part of leadership teams at Williams-Sonoma, NIKE, Esprit, Oilily and Liz Claiborne.

Leona GaitaLeona Gaita, HomeWorkshop.com Interior Design Contributor and specialist in space planning, color and fabric selection and full-scale interior design and renovation through Larchmont, NY’s Gaita Interiors. Leona pens the Gaita Interiors blog.

Sonu MathewSonu Mathew, Senior Interior Designer and leader of a team of color experts at Benjamin Moore Paints, author of the blog Living In Color With Sonu, and co-producer with HomeWorkshop.com of our recent special event, ten.


As a reminder, here’s the criteria the panel used to choose the best teen room design:

* Design mix (How creative were you in assembling your choices?)
* Execution (How well does the mix of colors and patterns work together in the space?)
* Completeness (Did you customize as much as possible including painting the walls?)
* Story (Your description of how this room would be fab for your teen.)

All of the rooms were stylish, but for the winning design, the judges liked two rooms
the best.


Sonu Mathew said, “Denis Novosel’s enchanted forest is the most original and creative.” Leona Gaita said, “Chocolate brown for a teen’s room is very original and I think would make a teen feel very grown up,” and that “the dark brown backdrop makes a great setting for an ‘enchanted forest’.”

DebbieAbout Debbie Perkins’s teen girl’s room, Jon Leafstedt said she “did a pretty sophisticated mix of patterns while still keeping all of the colors coordinated.” Sonu added that “she took a risk introducing that palette and pattern mix.” Sonu also liked Debbie’s story. “Debbie clearly is considering the user and why she would relate to the space.”

It was a really close race, but in the end, Debbie’s girl’s room won! Congratulations Debbie! You have won a RoomsByYou custom, print-on-demand duvet and two Euro shams of your choice!!! So Debbie — Start clicking around to plan your textiles! I will put RoomsByYou in touch with you, to get going on your fabulous prize!

As promised, everyone else who posted entries before the deadline was entered into a random drawing through Random.org for a RoomsByYou custom decorative pillow.

That pillow winner is Stella Fortuna! Yippee for Stella, and I will also put RoomsByYou in touch with you!

Everyone else, you can keep on creating and uploading teen rooms — not for competion — but just for fun. Cristy and Summer already did just that.

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6 Comments for “Ta-Da! RoomsByYou Challenge Results”

[…] ***Please Note: The deadline to be entered for the prizes passed on Friday, March 5, 2010. So, the first eight entries were eligible for the prizes that were announced on Monday, March 15, 2010.*** […]

This was a fun contest! I really enjoyed doing it! Although, displaying my design on the first place and Debbie’s on the second was a little mean 😉 It was “Woohoo!” at first, and “Aaah…” in the end 😀

Congratulations to Debbie and Stella! 😀

Hi Denis,

Oops! I sure didn’t intend that, sorry. Just trying to be a bit dramatic I guess. You really did a great job with your room.

I’m glad you enjoyed the Challenge — watch for more fun to come.

So glad to have your participation,

Thank you! I’m so excited that I won! This was one of the most enjoyable contests I’ve ever entered. I really liked using the RoomsByYou website and designing my rooms.

I thought the other entries were great. I especially liked Stella’s lavender and light green room; it was really cute!

I wish Denis could have gotten something for 2nd place. He did a good job, and was a good sport even though his design was shown first. I would have been pretty bummed out too. Hopefully we can do another contest on this website together again soon! 🙂 Thanks again!

Congrats Debbie! I am so glad you had fun, and that you enjoyed using the RoomsByYou site. It is really fun (and addicting) to design rooms with it!

The consensus is that I screwed up by putting Denis’ entry first — gotta remember that next time. And you’re right — he was a great sport. We are lining up more Challenges all the time, so check in (and sign up for our email news) to stay up to date.

Thanks for your participation (and let us know later what textiles you designed as your prize!!).

After going through many options that I loved, I finally decided on getting “Dots A Repeat Pattern” in the Panda Power Blue Design by Patricia Bond for the Duvet with a Medium Blue Solid for the Euro Shams. I am SO excited to get these. We live in a tiny apartment, and I think this will really brighten up the place. 😀

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