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Alluminare Design Challenge

Alluminare Design Challenge World Class Designer Search You have chosen Alluminare’s new World Class Designer! Read the announcement here. Scroll down to view the 475 home decor patterns that artists worldwide submitted! And check out the TOP TEN Designs, and Lead Design Judge, Christopher Lowell’s commentary here. Design Junkies, do you ever doodle in patterns? Want to try your hand at creating fashionable patterns for light fixtures, wallpaper, […] Read more »

Imageglow Design Challenge Winner & More

Imageglow Design Challenge Winner & More We said this Challenge would be brilliant. And in the end, that’s what it came down to…a striking design that glowed. Congratulations to Jahnvi Thaker of Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India! The community chose Jahnvi Thaker’s joyful, contemporary design (Entry # 323) to win the Imageglow® Design Challenge!! And although you expressed your enthusiasm for all three of the finalists, Jahnvi’s design took an early lead […] Read more »

Transforming Light Fixtures

Transforming Light Fixtures by Regina Garay We’re doin’ the DIY today with our Decorative Painting and Surface Design Expert, and Contributor Regina Garay. Regina blogs about her creative work and inspiration at Fauxology. — As a decorative painter, I have access to many finishes and techniques that transform surfaces.  A few years ago, I discovered a beautiful lamp in a gorgeous bright lime green.  I bought it and […] Read more »

Family Garden Design — Go Outside and Play

Family Garden Design — Go Outside and Play by Steve & Cathy Lambert Swing open the doors and skip down the steps! Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Steve and Cathy Lambert,’s Garden and Landscape Design Experts, and our newest Contributors. I can’t wait for you to read the fabulous ideas and advice Steve and Cathy have planned for you and your outdoor spaces. — Whether you’re starting from […] Read more »

Vote for our Imageglow Design Challenge Winner

Vote for our Imageglow Design Challenge Winner Update–Read the announcement post for who you chose as the winner of our Imageglow Design Challenge.   Our judges’ brains are swirling with pattern and color. I suggest they take today off to do some yoga and slurp down herbal teas. Such a task I hit them with. “Hey! Here are 385 designs — you’ve got two days to narrow this to the top three.” […] Read more »

Her Favorite Places

Her Favorite Places Great ideas can come even out of the most difficult periods in life. Listen to the story Mark McGrath recently told me about an inspiration sparked during precious time spent with his mother, Rose Marie. “In early 2004, my Mom was fighting cancer,” said Mark. “The hospital had done all they could for her and she was moved to a care facility in San Mateo, […] Read more »

Imageglow Design Challenge Update

Imageglow Design Challenge Update We had this idea. We thought we’d ask you to submit new designs for a unique and fashionable type of candle. And that a few artists would get jazzed, create something and upload their artwork. A few. So we told you all about it, and you listened. First, Zena from Oxford hit us with her Elvis design. Then Irfan from Rajkot, Gujarat, India entered his […] Read more »

Nursery Flooring Ideas

Nursery Flooring Ideas Choices for Your Baby’s Room by Sherri Blum Today I am thrilled to welcome our Nursery and Kids Room Design Expert and Contributor, Sherri Blum. A pioneer specialist for children’s-room interior design, Sherri’s designs for celebrities, and for the baby next door. — Expectant parents are very enthusiastic about decorating their baby’s nursery. They’re busily preparing a warm, beautiful, and safe little haven for […] Read more »

Ta-Da! RoomsByYou Challenge Results

Ta-Da! RoomsByYou Challenge Results RoomsByYou Custom Home Textiles Challenge You all started with a blank slate like this room. You clicked and dragged, mixed and matched. And because you created some well-designed, colorful teen rooms, the decision was not easy. But, it is time to call this Challenge. I am so glad the winner was chosen by our expert judges: Jon Leafstedt, founder of RoomsByYou and in the past, […] Read more »

Weekend Design Links

Weekend Design Links As a proper Design Junkie, I read design and decorating news stories like crazy. Today for your weekend enjoyment are five recent stories that I found most interesting or entertaining. So grab your cup of coffee–and yes a little treat–then kick back and read on. 1) First Motel Six redecorates – now this. To Keep Guests, Fast Food Loses the Fiberglass Decor. 2) A sign […] Read more »

Powder Room Design Take Two

Powder Room Design Take Two Here’s a real, live, high-end design for less. We got fantastic feedback on the story about Marsh & Clark’s elegant and contemporary powder room design for the 2009 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. I was thrilled when Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt wrote me about another version of the room they recently completed. Here’s the new room: Photographs by Elisabeth Fall As you’ll recall, the original room featured […] Read more »

Home Accessories Swap a Fun, Green Event

Home Accessories Swap a Fun, Green Event You know that one friend you have that leaves a trail of merriment wherever she goes? You know the one who can somehow smile and laugh when she’s stuck for an hour on a stalled subway train? I just met two of those people. Seattle-area Interior Designers Piper Salooga and Sara Eizen have fun with what they do. At their latest Home Accessories Swap they […] Read more »

DIY Upholstered Ottoman with Painted Fabric Quilt

DIY Upholstered Ottoman with Painted Fabric Quilt Quilts are in style. I’m glad because truth is for me, they never went out. Quilt designs are a comforting link with our past, and today’s quilt artists are incredible. (If you ever get the chance — drop in on one of the large quilt shows like Pacific International and you’ll see what I mean — awesome artistry and craftsmanship.) I’m especially smitten with the […] Read more »

Click, Drag and Win a Custom Duvet & Euro Shams!

Click, Drag and Win a Custom Duvet & Euro Shams! Challenge Update Hey Design Junkies — Have you been over to our RoomsByYou Custom Home Textiles Challenge yet? Just a couple days left and someone’s going to run away with a great prize of custom, print-on-demand bedroom textiles. So give it a whirl — click and drag designer patterns and colors to create a virtual room for the teen in your life. (And don’t worry […] Read more »

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