RoomsByYou Custom Home Textiles Challenge

Design Junkies, get your right brains on — it’s time to click and create. This is a Prize Challenge and somebody’s going to win up to $350 worth of gorgeous, customized home textiles!

On the Web today with just a few clicks of the mouse, we have incredible design and decorating power to help us produce stylish, individualized spaces.

Teen Sweetheart Room

Case in point? RoomsByYou. It’s a cutting-edge site where you can create rooms full of customized home textiles, from over 90 designer collections of coordinated surface patterns.

Fashion your space, then the folks at RoomsByYou (right here in the San Francisco Bay Area) will print and manufacture your custom textiles on-demand in 14 days. Voila! Fresh and beautiful decor.

RoomsByYou is rolling out its service that it will eventually offer for all rooms in the house. Baby RoomsByYou launched in the fall and today with our Challenge we celebrate the launch of Teen RoomsByYou!

Teen Rooms By You

So wake up that groggy teen, text your grandson, email your niece — this Challenge is da bomb. (Or no teen in sight? No problem. Play along and create a room for a pretend teen.)

How to Play:

Have fun and customize one or two Teen rooms using RoomsByYou’s 3D Room Customizer. Before you start, take a look at this quick video tutorial. We are customizing teen rooms and this walks you through step by step how to customize a baby room — but the process is the same.

Ready to Customize? Start here.

1) Select a Teen Room style (Classic or Contemporary)
2) Click the blue button in the bottom right that reads “Click Here to Begin”
3) Follow the steps on the left, and customize your room. (And be sure to zoom out first so you can see the whole room.)

Stick within one designer collection, or be gutsy and try mixing products from different designers and collections. Be sure to paint the walls! Play with colors and patterns and customize as many products as you can:

    Teen Room Space

  • Bean Bags
  • Curtain Panels
  • Decorative Pillows
  • Dog Beds
  • Duvets
  • Lamp Shades
  • Pillow Shams
  • Storage Bag
  • Wall Art

When you’re done:

4) Save your room.
5) Share it (with yourself) by entering your email address in the share dialogue. (This is how you’ll get your finished room image that you’ll later upload to the Challenge.)
6) When you get the email from RoomsByYou, right-click on the image in the email, save it and make note of where. This is the image you’ll upload when you enter the Challenge.
7) Submit your Challenge entry here, where you’ll also describe to us why this would make great room decor for the teen in your life.

If you have any feedback on how to improve the features and functions of the RoomsByYou Customizer, share your feedback with RoomsByYou at this link.”

After the deadline, our judges will confer to choose a winning entry.

  • The winner will receive a custom RoomsByYou Duvet and two Euro shams — great for your teen (or for you!) and a retail value of up to $350!
  • Everyone has a chance to win something because a randomly-selected entrant will also win a RoomsByYou custom Decorative Pillow — a retail value of up to $66.00!

Entries will be judged on:

  • Design mix (How creative were you in assembling your choices?)
  • Execution (How well does the mix of colors and patterns work together in
    the space?)
  • Completeness (Did you customize as much as possible including painting the walls?)
  • Story (Your description of how this room would be fab for your teen.)

A few rules:

  1. Absolutely have your teen jump in and help design the room if you like — but an adult 18+ must be the one actually entering the challenge by submitting the entries.
  2. Enter up to two rooms.
  3. Do not use the Pre-Customized Rooms in the TeenRooms Design Portfolio.
  4. Employees of RoomsByYou, and of are not eligible.

Meet our distinguished judges:

Jon LeafstedtJon Leafstedt, founder of RoomsByYou and in the past, part of leadership teams at Williams-Sonoma, NIKE, Esprit, Oilily and Liz Claiborne.

Leona GaitaLeona Gaita, Interior Design Contributor and specialist in space planning, color and fabric selection and full-scale interior design and renovation through Larchmont, NY’s Gaita Interiors. Leona pens the Gaita Interiors blog.

Sonu MathewSonu Mathew, Senior Interior Designer and leader of a team of color experts at Benjamin Moore Paints, author of the blog Living In Color With Sonu, and co-producer with of our recent special event, ten.



Time now to dig in and create, Design Junkies. RoomsByYou says, it “covets creativity” and that it “embraces your ability to imagine.” Us too. Show us your stuff!

***Please Note: The deadline to be entered for the prizes passed on Friday, March 5, 2010. So, the first eight entries were eligible for the prizes that were announced on Monday, March 15, 2010.***

But please continue to have fun creating and sharing Teen RoomsByYou. You are submitting some beautiful, well-thought-out designs!

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RoomsByYou Custom Home Textiles Challenge

  • Submission Deadline: Friday, March 5, 2010
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Monday, March 15, 2010

Check out all 10 entries:

1. Elizabeth Höpink in Dubrovnik, Croatia2. Denis Novosel in Dubrovnik, Croatia
3. Denis Novosel in Dubrovnik, Croatia4. Elizabeth Höpink in Dubrovnik, Croatia
5. Stella Fortuna in Zagreb,Croatia6. Stella Fortuna in Zagreb,Croatia
7. Debbie Perkins in Sandy, Utah, USA8. Debbie Perkins in Sandy, Utah, USA
9. Cristy Vallee in North Easton, MA, USA10. Summer White in Gaithersburg Md

1. From Elizabeth Höpink in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Elizabeth Höpink's entry

A fun red-green room with some white elements to keep it fresh.
Hope you like it 🙂

2. From Denis Novosel in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Denis Novosel's entry

I took something perfect
And painted it red

3. From Denis Novosel in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Denis Novosel's entry

One young man entered the forest, but he didn’t know that was a enchanted forest and that many miracles were happening there.

4. From Elizabeth Höpink in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Elizabeth Höpink's entry

Both red and grey are pretty “neutral” so it could be a girls room but also a boys room.
Again, some parts are still white because teens get bored with too much of the same colors pretty fast. (at leaste I did, I used to change my room every month..I guess I could have got used to not changing a room like this one 😀 )

..or, the white “spots” are for teen-rebel wall/furniture painting xD

5. From Stella Fortuna in Zagreb,Croatia:

Stella Fortuna's entry

Lilac room for a girly girl.I played a bit with the pillows because teenagers like to move stuff around a lot,and rearange as much as possible.Added some green for a calming efffect.This is the room my friends daughters would love.

6. From Stella Fortuna in Zagreb,Croatia:

Stella Fortuna's entry

When it’s cloudy outside a little sunshine is always here!

7. From Debbie Perkins in Sandy, Utah, USA:

Debbie Perkins's entry

This is the ultimate teen boy bedroom. The dark blue is very masculine, yet calming at the same time. A bedroom for a teenager needs to be a sanctuary; a place they can call their own. With the mixture of bikes, cars and gears, a teenage boy would feel quite at home in this room.

8. From Debbie Perkins in Sandy, Utah, USA:

Debbie Perkins's entry

I went for a Dandelion theme in this teen girl room, because all teenage girls love to make wishes. I chose a deep, passionate purple color to paint the walls to signify the passion that teenage girls have for life. Teenage girls have strong emotions and a need to express themselves, and this room is the perfect way of showing that.

9. From Cristy Vallee in North Easton, MA, USA:

Cristy Vallee's entry

This room is comforting and restful with its soft patterns in the details, yet full of graphic ‘punch’ with the silhouetted pieces anchored on each wall – carrying the color throughout the room. It’s the fun AND the sensitive.

10. From Summer White in Gaithersburg Md:

Summer White's entry

i loved this look. i think it would be easy to grow with making minute changes as your child gets older

Submit your entry now

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