Wrapping It Up In Style

You know those ‘Wish I’d thought of that’ moments? I had one the other day when I read Kate Smith’s blog post over at Live in Full Color.

Color Expert Kate Smith1-22-2010 7-07-43 PM

Kate wrote an excellent wrap-up to my and Sonu’s online special event, ten with “What I Learned from Ten Experts in Ten Days.”

We must be on the same wavelength, because Kate—a renowned color educator and also our expert for day seven—described some of my favorite takeaways. I’m with her on the single chairs, the wine labels and more….

Enjoy her post and blog, and clicking around through any of ten that you may have missed.

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2 Comments for “Wrapping It Up In Style”

Thanks so much for mentioning my post. I really enjoyed participating in Ten Design Days. Let’s make it 20 or 30 or more design days next time 😉 It was fun and informative!

My pleasure, Kate — you wrote a great post. And I know what you mean about ten; it was so much fun!

I kinda wish we called it 365. Well, maybe that’s what I’m trying to accomplish here at HomeWorkshop. 😉 Reminds me, I’d better get back to that next post….

Thanks for the visit,

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