Of Fearlessness and Life

Artist Profile — Roz

Two people can look at the same work of art and see something quite different. This I know; but it really hit home when I discovered the work of a woman named Roz.


Her kids inspired Roz (a.k.a. Rosilyn Young) to paint the first of her “Leap” series of oils-on-canvas. “I think it was watching my own children jumping around, so full of fearlessness and life,” said Roz.



My first glance conjured up risk-taking—a leap of faith into the future. It reminded me of a motivational group I and some other creative friends formed years back. We called it “Live the Leap” and met monthly to inspire everyone to dive in to the creative lives they had envisioned for themselves.

It took me years to make good on some of my plans, and in many ways, HomeWorkshop.com is the realization of my leap. With all the guts I could muster, I jumped ship from a steady corporate paycheck to create the community I had envisioned. Roz’s paintings illustrate that experience perfectly.


“It also depends on who purchases them,” Roz told me. “…once I painted a leap with a woman in it, and when the client bought it, she told me how it somehow represented to her the fight she has had with breast cancer. That definitely changed my view of that
leap painting.”


Roz is a lifelong artist. “I have always been drawing, since I could lift a pencil,” said Roz. “I got attention for my skills at a really young age, so it makes sense that being an artist is really the only thing I ever planned to do.”


She’s taken leaps of her own. “I went to college for art, but assumed that it would not be a steady way to make a living, so I started out majoring in Art Education,” said Roz. “I found that I didn’t love teaching though…and if I worked hard enough I could make a living at painting. It meant sacrifices in the early years, but for me it was well worth it.”

The single mom of three moves quickly in her life and with her brush. She refers to her juicy, exuberant style as “Whimsical Impressionism.”


Roz paints just about daily, in the studio of her Corpus Christi, Texas home. Her subject matter goes beyond the leap and includes her impressions of amusing farm animals, graceful dancers, and a recent realization of her obsession with clouds.


I find it interesting to see how a theme evolves. Here are the very first two of Roz’s
leap paintings.

Roz points to the Internet as a key to her success. “Being able to market to so many people through my Web site, Etsy and eBay has just made my business jump to a new level.”

When I asked Roz about the compliments she receives on her paintings, she came back to the leap. “I have heard such nice things about my work,” said Roz. “But the best is when a collector cries because it moved them. I’ve heard that most often about leap paintings.”

You can see more of Roz’s work, buy paintings and prints, and contact Roz through her:


For you, what feelings or memories do Roz’s leaps evoke?

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4 Comments for “Of Fearlessness and Life”

I love these. It is wonderful contrast of multiple painting styles. On one hand its whimsical and on the other hand it is very contemporary. I like how focused the person in the painting is and how obscure the background is. It is as if when it comes to your leaps, in the end, you are the most important component of it.

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the inspiration.


Wow, Leslie. I never thought of it like that, but you’re right–the focus is on us when we are taking that leap. I’m also enamored with the colors Roz uses in these paintings. Some bold, fiesta combinations and others calming sky blues.

So glad you enjoyed the art and the story, and thanks for stopping in.

Great point, Leslie.

I enjoyed being introduced to this artist, Kathy and I appreciated you comment about the leap of faith it took to leave the corporate world and venture out on your own. I did that ten years ago, too and it took a tremendous amount of courage to step off into the unknown. Maybe that is why these paintings speak to me as well…but let’s not forget about the great color. I like that, too!


I had a feeling about you and the color. The art I’ve collected is awash in saturated color. I’m glad the imagery spoke to you too; it’s powerful in many ways. I’m also glad to know you are still rockin’ and rollin’ ten years post leap! Now that’s inspiring.


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