New Year’s Resolution: Be More Green and Save Green!

Design Expert: Kelly Van Patter

ten_logo_ copyDesigner Kelly Van Patter

An awarding-winning Production Designer for television shows such as Survivor and The Apprentice, Kelly Van Patter is passionate about making smart choices for our planet and our pocketbooks.

Kelly is focusing her efforts on green design for the entertainment industry, residential construction and interior design; she shares her knowledge and advice with us in Be More Green and Save Green.

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It's a vital message that Kelly shared with us. Simply stated: Before we act, think first about the impact of our decorating and home furnishings decisions. Good things flow from that philosophy.

But there is no need to sacrifice when it comes to aesthetics. I was struck by the colorful and beautiful, recycled and environmentally-friendly home items that we saw while at Kelly's store. Enjoy these few glimpses:

Reclycled Materials Trivet

Natural Twine

Books on Being More Green

Recycled Plastics Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Post Industrial Regenerated Cotton Textiles

Natural Green Decor

Kelly is a powerhouse of knowledge and energy. At the time we met, she was bopping back and forth between running the store and completing her eco-friendly unit at the W Hollywood Residences. She often works into the wee hours, but says designing for television and music videos set her up to handle that with ease.

Here's a peek from behind-the-scenes:

Kelly Van Patter Video Shoot

Bring Your Own Bag Sign

Tell us! How do you plan to be more green in your home, and with your decorating projects this year?

Jan 11th Answer copyCongratulations to Cindi for winning the trivia contest, with the first correct answer of VH-1's Rock the House and The Discovery Channel’s Monster House.


Creator of the looks on top-rated shows such as Survivor and The Apprentice, Kelly Van Patter was the designer for Martha Stewart's critically-acclaimed model-homes in Cary, North Carolina and designed Trump Bar in Trump Tower. Kelly is now focusing her efforts on green design for the entertainment industry, residential construction and interior design. She also owns Kelly Green Home in Los Angeles, a boutique of eco-friendly home products.

BONUS: Visit Living In Color With Sonu to Download Your Copy of Kelly's Ten Tips for Going Green at Home while not over-spending.

Photographs by Ann Revoredo, Video by Special Defect Media. Copyright 2010,

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25 Comments for “New Year’s Resolution: Be More Green and Save Green!”

This has been a great series of design-filled information, I’m really enjoying it. As a designer, one way I plan on being more green is using the eco-friendly paints such as Benjamin Moore and Devine Green. I’m also teaching my clients that they can live with less, and recycle items or “re purpose” things in their homes for a new look and function!

Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for the compliment on the series. Sonu and I have had so much fun putting this together, and we have also learned some wonderful tips from all the experts. It sounds like you are on the green track with your advice to your clients too!

Stop by anytime,
— Kathy

She appeared on VH-1 in Rock the House and on the Discovery Channel’s show called Monster House!
Thanks, Cindi

Monster House is Australian and on the 9 network!
Thanks, Cindi

Please go with my answers in my first post!
Many thanks, Cindi : )

Great photos! I like the tight close ups. It really brings out the colors and patterns. Beautiful green products too.


Wow! Cindi and her flying fingers got that correct answer fast!!!

Congrats Cindi and I will email you shortly to arrange shipping your prize!


Hey there Leona!

How’s one of my favorite designers today?

I’m with you on those photos!! I chose these for just the reason you mentioned–I love the abstraction of colorful and textural objects that the close ups affords. We are so lucky to have Ann on our crew when we do a video shoot; she is an incredibly talented photographer. Darn nice person too!

I learned a lot about green design and decorating in doing this story too. I know we barely scratched the surface, but Kelly is a great source of information and advice.

Thanks for popping by!
— Kathy

I enjoyed the article and love the products shown. Very colorful and eco-friendly– a great combination.

I adore this designer! Thanks very much, Kathy.
All is appreciated…..Cindi

Hey Cindi,

Kelly is a peach, and I admire what she is trying to accomplish. I hope to get down South again soon and see her eco-unit at the W. It sounds fabulous!

I know you will enjoy the prize — the bag is gigantic and the book is packed with good stuff.

Thanks again,
— Kathy

Hi Kate!

You’re right. Seems there is no need to sacrifice wonderful color in our decor, while making smart, eco-friendly choices.

Thanks for visiting and I am really enjoying your colorful feature today!!

— Kathy




I vote for DIFFA. This charity has done amazing things over the years , and continues to fight the good fight. C Brown

DIFFA. of course!

Wow! Enthusiastic supporters out there. Thanks all for making your voices heard. Voting goes on through 11:59 pm PST tonight.

And be sure to check out our tips for giving back over at Living in Color With Sonu, and please comment with your own tips to add to the list.

How have you been able to fit giving back into your life and your busy schedule?


Okay! The voting for the Cause is Closed. We’ll announe the winner of the $500 donation tomorrow. Thanks so much to all who took the time to vote, and please support all your favorite causes this year.

Keep creating and keep making a difference,
– Kathy

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