Bungalow Built-Ins

Built-in cabinetry can add storage and charm to a space. Case in point? This San Francisco bungalow dining room.

Bungalow Dining Room Before

“The clients wanted a space to store their large collection of books, collections from travels, linens, and personal photographs,” said designer Jennifer Jones.

Bungalow Dining Room After

“The room is a generous size for a dining area (compared to the rest of the house) so it made sense to design built-ins here to make up for the lack of storage in the remainder of the house.”

Built-in Cabinetry Detail

Jones designed the white-painted cabinetry in character with the room’s architectural details like the wainscoting. “I wanted the built-ins to blend seamlessly, to look as if they had always been there.”

“My contractor was able to match the existing moldings in the room and carried it through the top of the built-ins,” said Jones. “Recessed panel doors and drawers and antique bronze hardware completes the look.”

I fancy the window bench that Jones accentuated with a Swedish-inspired print from Pindler & Pindler. “The built-ins provided a great opportunity to create a window seat, taking advantage of the sunlight and creating a cozy place to read and a spot for the client’s cats to hang out,” said Jones.


Where could you add built-in storage?

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2 Comments for “Bungalow Built-Ins”

Hiya Kathy!

How goes it? I’m with you on the built-ins. Such a smart use of space, and in this case so attractive too.

Thanks for popping in…I’ve got to get over to your blog again,
— Kathy

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