DNA 11 — Art That’s You

Let’s get a little CSI with our decor today.

I love it when artwork is personal in an impactful, graphic way. What could be more personal than your DNA or fingerprint?

DNA11 Portrait FireSky

Fingerprint Portait Zebra

Yep. DNA 11 will create artwork for you illustrating your DNA profile or fingerprint. Where science meets art—talk about a conversation starter.

Mini DNA Portrait Blue

After ordering your artwork in the size and color you want, you’ll get a collection kit and instructions on taking either your cheek swab or your fingerprint.

Here’s a family fingerprint portrait:

Fingerprint Portrait Family from DNA 11

DNA 11 says it takes extreme measures to ensure your portrait accurately shows your profile, and that it destroys your DNA sample after use.

Here’s a Yin-Yang couple’s DNA portrait:

DNA11 Portrait YinYang

Back to that CSI reference; this art was featured as a important element in the plot of a CSI NY episode.


I know this isn’t for everyone. What do you think about DNA and fingerprint art?

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3 Comments for “DNA 11 — Art That’s You”

this is sure unusual. not something I’d want as are on the wall. I prefer handmade. but interesting to have perhaps. but then again, can’t I just press my finger into some ink, blot it on a piece of paper and enlarge it for very few dollars and have the same thing?

I really like this idea — esp. the Yin/Yang DNA artwork. My hubby prefers the fingerprint art. Had no inkling (no pun intended) that this existed…thank you, Kathy!

Hey Suki and Regina,

Not for everyone, huh? I understand what you prefer Suki and good idea for the DIY on the fingerprint. Maybe a collage including that would be nice.

And Regina, I’m glad to know you guys liked it; love to see unusual ideas for artwork. My favorite is also the Yin-Yang.

Thanks for popping in! — Kathy

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