Expecting Guests for the Holidays?

by GraceAnn Simoni

Once again, today we are joined by Contributor GraceAnn Simoni, Interior Redesign and Staging Specialist and Instructor from the Chicagoland area. GraceAnn shares with us budget tips and advice for decorating with your existing furniture and accessories.

The holidays are fast approaching. Is your guest room ready or has it become the place where everything that does not have a home lands? Assuming you want your guests to ‘stay’ and enjoy their stay, here are some tips for the perfect guest room.

No matter what size bedroom you have, creating a room that says, ‘We’re glad you’re here’ is important.

Below is a photo of what seems like an adequate bedroom. Let’s take a look.

Guest Room Before

It has a bed, a chair (always a good piece in a guest room), out of site is a small desk, desk chair and a small dresser…seems like that is all that is needed, right?

Now you are ready to turn your spare room into a bedroom suite!

Guest Room After

Take a look, we still have everything that was in the room before but by turning the bed on an angle we were able to create enough space for a night table, lamp and even a plant to soften the corner, and don’t forget the artwork. Now to make it really special, add a small bouquet of fresh flowers to the dresser, along with a small tray to hold watches and other jewelry.

Add a temporary over-the-door hook for robes or damp towels. Make sure you have left enough towels and washcloths in easy view so guests will not have to search. A nice basket in the guest bath works well. You can also put in the basket shampoo, conditioner and a fresh bar of soap.

So what happens if you do not have an extra bed?

Simply go to your favorite liquor store (give me a chance to finish) ask for 12 vodka boxes, this enough to place a queen-size mattress on top. Duct-tape the boxes together, add a king-size sheet to serve as a dust ruffle and cover the boxes. Then add the air mattress (available at all the ‘big box’ stores) a few inexpensive bed pillows (always nice to have new not the hand me down ones from another room) a there you go… A spare bed the height of a normal bed!

Okay holiday dinner time and your dining room seems to have shrunk…Don’t fear; use the angle trick again with the dining room table. By turning your table on an angle it will free up more space for chairs and save your beautiful server or china cabinet from getting nicked! Who knows you may like it that way so much you won’t move it back!

Now send out the invites!


GraceAnn Simoni of Yours Redesigned Naperville, IL, is a Redesign and Staging Specialist and Instructor, and a member of Interior Redesign Industry Specialists (I.R.I.S.).

If you need help getting the The Home You Want With the House You Have™ visit www.yoursredesigned.com.


What do you do to make your guests feel special?

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