Kenneth’s Lamp A Thousand Ways — Challenge # 18

Hey Design Junkies! Our friend, designer Kenneth Brown, has a wonderful lamp for creative people like us. He calls it his “Lamp Done A Thousand Ways.” It’s a brilliant way to quickly add or change up an accent in a room.

Kenneth Brown Lamp with Fall Leaves

Kenneth says, “One of my design tips has always been about how to give any room a quick makeover. I always suggest new throw pillows and now I am in love with this lamp! The glass cylinder has a top that is easy to take on and off so you can add decorative papers, or fill it with anything to personalize your décor.”

He’s including it in his design picks for his QVC appearance this Thursday.

Kenneth Brown Design Directions will broadcast live on QVC, Thursday, September 24 for an hour beginning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern (9:00 Central, 8:00 Mountain and 7:00 Pacific). I hear it’s a real bargain, so tune in to snap one up. After the broadcast, you can buy one here.

We adore how the lamp allows us to follow our artistic inspirations and keep our rooms fresh, current and expressive. So Yowzah! We’ve built an Easy and Rewarding Challenge around it. Let the fun begin….

Kenneth Brown Lamp with Blue Vinyl DecalKenneth Brown Lamp with Decorative Striped PaperKenneth Brown Lamp with Seashells and StonesKenneth Brown Lamp with Paisley Decorative Paper

There are some more creative ways to change the lamp; your Challenge is to show us what you would put in your lamp. Simply:

  1. Photograph the materials or items you would put in your lamp to enhance your room.
  2. Upload your photograph in this easy Challenge form.
  3. In the form, describe why you chose what you did and how it will help your room’s décor.
  4. Enter by Wednesday, November 18, 2009 to be eligible for the prize and included in the Ta-Da! Challenge Results post.
  5. Please note: One entry per person and this Challenge is open to adults 18 years and older.

Kenneth Brown will personally judge the entries and select the winner that will be announced on Tuesday, November 24. The lucky winner will receive this lamp!

Now that’s cool. We can’t wait to see what you choose.

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Kenneth's Lamp A Thousand Ways -- Challenge # 18

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, November 18, 2009
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Check out all 13 entries:

1. Chris Salek in Hinsdale, MA USA2. Patty Day in Griffin, Ga. 30223
3. Kira Wiley in Irvine, CA4. Courtney Martin in Watauga, TX USA
5. Jody in Antioch, CA6. Ashley Lohman in Richmond, VA USA
7. Carol Wheeler in Atkinson, NH8. June Zolezzi in Millbrae, CA
9. Ariel Palazuelos in Dublin, Ireland10. Brad Schumer in New Berlin, WI USA
11. Bernadette Merikle in Snoqualmie, WA USA12. Cathy Lambert in Orinda, CA USA
13. Theresa San Agustin in Gaithersburg, MD USA 

1. From Chris Salek in Hinsdale, MA USA:

Chris Salek's entry

I would fill the lamp with beautiful glass tiles. They come in so many wonderful colors-some with natural stones mixed in. You could stack them (12″ x 12″ sheets) and mix them to fit your decor.

2. From Patty Day in Griffin, Ga. 30223:

Patty Day's entry

Sparkle, Glamor…..I would add hundreds of crystals from lighting fixtures no longer in use! Gives a great look, especially when the lamp is turned on! The light reflecting on the crystals ….and WOW, what a great addition for the Holidays!

3. From Kira Wiley in Irvine, CA:

Kira Wiley's entry

Since real fish won’t survive, my family and I found this fake fish tank that we could use the contents inside the lamp! How cool would that be? No fish will be harmed in the making of this project. [:

4. From Courtney Martin in Watauga, TX USA:

Courtney Martin's entry

I would take various pictures of my family, my children, myself and my husband and transpose them into small black and white prints. I would arrange them in such a way that the entire surface of the lamp would be covered with images. I would also add small dried flowers from special events such as our wedding between the pictures to fill blank areas. Along the bottom and top inside of the base, I would arrange a string of pearls, as they are my favourite and mean a lot to me.
(I’m using a generic photo to show purpose.)

5. From Jody in Antioch, CA:

Jody's entry

My son is 2 1/2 and LOVES Mickey Mouse. His bedroom is done in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and I decided that I would like to put multi-colored Mickey Mouse beads into the lamp for his room.

6. From Ashley Lohman in Richmond, VA USA:

Ashley Lohman's entry

We’ve gutted a small yet charming older home and have created a “right-size living” space where the layout is completely functional and no square inch is wasted. Only what we love and what has sentimental value to us is making it back in. I would fill my lamp with matchbooks we’ve collected from special events, restaurants and places we’ve visited that have meaning to us. Beyond showcasing our memories, in this way the lamp would feature little pieces of art. And I like the play on the concept of light — electric light housing match light.

7. From Carol Wheeler in Atkinson, NH:

Carol Wheeler's entry

For those who do a little sewing my suggestion for Kenneth’s lamp is when making throw pillows for your home use some of the left over fabric for the lamp. It could be applied on a firm backing to be placed in the lamp or even loosely placed inside the lamp. The possibilities are endless for this beautiful lamp!

8. From June Zolezzi in Millbrae, CA:

June Zolezzi's entry

This lamp would look beautiful placed on a holiday tablecloth with a matching or contrasting placemat lining the lamp. Tablecloths and placemats could be changed according to the seasons or holidays. You could also place it on a coloful tablecloth with a striped placemat lining the lamp for everyday use.

9. From Ariel Palazuelos in Dublin, Ireland:

Ariel Palazuelos's entry

Since my boyfriend and I are starting a new life living together, we are going to rebuild our house and update the interior design as well. He loves coffee!..can not start his day withouth a double espresso 🙂 That is why I would fill this amazing and versatile lamp with coffee grains! Hopefully I can surprise him and this lamp be the first piece of furniture for a our new house project…It would be totally AMAZING! (hope he doesnt mind i took his coffee for the photo, hehe) Regards Kenneth!!!!

10. From Brad Schumer in New Berlin, WI USA:

Brad Schumer's entry

I’d fill this lamp with Kid’s marbles. Maybe different sizes for added interest…or all same same color hue to fit a particular room’s accent color. Could also add some LED lights among the marbles to light them up as well.

11. From Bernadette Merikle in Snoqualmie, WA USA:

Bernadette Merikle's entry

I paint in the dark. And it really shows. If I had this lamp, I would fill it with some of my older brushes as an “artistic statement” if you will that I’ve seen the light. More practically, I’d put it in the little corner of the closet that I get to paint in to shed some light on the subject and maybe be a better painter because of it. Practical, but beautiful at the same time. My kind of decor.

12. From Cathy Lambert in Orinda, CA USA:

Cathy Lambert's entry

I love the idea of being able to change the look of this lamp to match the season. I would fill my lamp with mini pumpkins from October through Thanksgiving and then switch to glass Christmas ornaments in December.

13. From Theresa San Agustin in Gaithersburg, MD USA:

Theresa San Agustin's entry

For my future opaque glass-top desk…I’d fill this lamp 3/4 full with inexpensive colorful paper and binder clips in two different sizes from Office Depot.

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