500 Pencils

When does art supply become art?

Have a look at Social Designer’s 500 pencils. In this Aurora wall display case, the pencils make a kaleidoscopic focal point for a creative space.


For an alternate display catch the Color Wave. Inspiration on a large work table in your studio.


The caveat? You won’t get the pencils quickly or cheaply.

Social Designer, part of New York’s Felissimo, offers the pencils only by monthly subscription for some serious bank. You’d better plan to use and cherish your pencils.


Still for some reason I am drawn to them….


Have you ever splurged on an art supply or a material for a creative pursuit? Do tell….

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2 Comments for “500 Pencils”

I love buying colored pencils. It reminds me of when my teacher would pass out new crayons….the way they looked….and felt….and the smell so perfect then the heart break of your first broken crayon….I think that is way I never open or use the colored pencils I just like the way they look in the clear package.

Hey Tahoe-Friend!

Patience — love your story about the crayons and the pencils. I can relate and I bet many who end up in a creative field felt exactly like you.

Thanks for visiting —

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