$20 Flea Market Quest — Challenge # 16

Ready for a treasure hunt Design Junkies?

We soaked up some fab flea-market shopping tips when we explored the Rose Bowl with keen-dude-of-design Kenneth Brown. If you haven’t seen it, check out the video here.

It’s time to apply that knowledge on your own shopping trip. Here’s your assignment….

Kenneth Buying Vases

Show us the decor your can score for twenty bucks at your local flea market . For his Andrew Jackson, Kenneth snagged these splendid brass-inlay vases that he can make into striking lamps. The patina is amazing and they will add character to his space.

Brass-Inlay Vases

So call your friends, make a plan, wake up early and fill your mugs with java. Pack your design notebook and don your Indie hat and jacket, whatever you need to psyche up for the quest.

Cruise over to your local flea market (swap meet or whatever yours is called). Explore, negotiate, and buy. Then report back to us.

Using the easy Challenge entry form, share with us a photo of the home-treasure your $20 bought (or perhaps a shot of you with your treasure) and tell us the story:

  • How was your hunt?
  • What attracted you to your find?
  • Where in your home will you use the piece(s) you bought?

I bet we see a real variety. How will New Englanders’ finds compare with Californians’? What will y’all snag down South? And what will my UK buddies hunt down?

Yowzah there’s more–I’m cooking up a cool prize for a random winner drawn from all the Entrants to this Challenge. Check back soon for details!

So Off on Your Quest, You Will be the Best! (A little Seussian encouragement.)

Enter by Wednesday, October 14, 2009 to be eligible for the prize and included in the Ta-Da! Challenge Results post. We can’t wait to see your flea-market score!

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$20 Flea Market Quest -- Challenge # 16

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, October 14, 2009
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, October 15, 2009

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