High Impact Artwork from PhotoWow

I’m a sucker for family photos to help personalize a room’s decor. But instead of the typical small frames scattered about, how about some lively, high-impact wall art?

Images of your loved ones can become a captivating focal point or accent in a room when transformed into digital-art-on-canvas.

Four Panel Pop

Renowned for its kaleidoscopic and Warhol-esqueFour-Panel-Pop‘ design, PhotoWow has been a leader in digital artwork since 1997.

  • Want a Lichtenstein-look comic of your boys bantering?
  • Want your softball star rendered in a vintage hand-tint?

PhotoWow’s got it.

One year for Father’s Day, I surprised my husband with a ‘Four-Panel-Pop’ of our then two-year-old daughter. PhotoWow’s graphic artist applied the color scheme I specified to her precious face and head of curls, and then tweaked the design to my liking. Hubby loved the gift and to this day we get compliments on our striking art piece.

PhotoWow’s owner, Robert Schiff recently showed me the four newest designs in the company’s repertoire:


‘Soft Pop’
Soft Pop


‘Rustic Dream’
Rustic Dream

Coming soon to PhotoWow? The “You do it” section of its website where Schiff says the artistically inclined “can easily upload your photo and quickly fiddle around with it yourself. Once you’ve created your own instant masterpiece of a design, we can print it large on canvas or place it on any of our other unique products.”

How do you display family photos in your spaces?

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3 Comments for “High Impact Artwork from PhotoWow”

HI there, just stumbled upon your blog and loving it! I was wondering where you got your couch and how much it cost? I am looking for one that has a single cushion like yours… If you have a chance, feel free to respond to me by email. Thanks so much, and keep the ideas coming!

Hi Jennypher,

Thanks for the compliment!

About the sofa, that’s not mine (my daughter was older in our artwork). But you may want to try West Elm or CB2.

I am so glad you found HomeWorkshop and please come back anytime,
— Kathy

Neat! I like the “Parchment”. I’ll have to check out this site; thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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