Fabric as Wall Art — Designer DIY

by Leona Gaita

What a fabulous week! Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Leona Gaita, HomeWorkshop.com Interior Design Expert and our newest Contributor. You’ll adore Leona’s inspiring, creative and resourceful posts for HomeWorkshop and those for her popular Gaita Interiors blog.

I’m constantly knocked out by the stunning creativity of textile designers! Every time I go to the Decoration & Design Building in NYC, I see more gorgeous prints that I want to take home with me. Many of them really are beautiful enough to be called art.

Meanwhile, empty walls can be a problem. Once the drapes have been installed, the wallpaper hung and the furniture delivered, there are still blank walls to be addressed. Here’s a way to create your own wall art, using some of the fabulous oversized prints that are out there.

Fabric as Wall Art

Staple Guns for Fabric ArtHere’s the finished product. The print is from Gaston y Daniela, Honshu Cotton & Linen Print, color Antracita. It’s available through Brunschwig & Fils. The fabric is stretched and stapled over an 18″ x 24″ cork board from Staples.

I used an electric staple gun. If you’re “crafty” this is a worthwhile investment, but you could also use a hand-held manual staple gun.

Lay the fabric over the cork board. Lightly trace the outline of the board with chalk. Then cut away the extra, leaving a 3″ border all around.

Cutting Away Extra Fabric

Put one staple into the center of each side, pulling the fabric tightly; make sure not to distort the design. Gradually add staples working your way out on each side from the centers to the corners, stretching the fabric tightly.

Stapling Fabric ArtFabric Art Corner Detail

Trim away extra fabric at corners, leaving about 1″. Then staple the remaining excess down with a few staples. Put it into your selected frame. That’s all! This small piece took me about 20 minutes to complete.

20 Minute Fabric Art

The full repeat of this print has several different horse figures, so if you order a couple of yards, you could make a series of three pieces to cover a large space!

Matsuyama Cotton and Linen Azul

This unbelievable print is also from Gaston y Daniela. It’s called Matsuyama Cotton & Linen, color Azul. This time I used a ready-stretched artist’s canvas, 30″ x 40″ and dropped it into a ready made gilded floating frame, intended for oil paintings. EASY!!

Leona at Work with the Canvas

Canvas with Fabric Side DetailMake sure the canvas fits comfortably into the frame. Once the fabric is stapled on, the fit can be tight. If the frame is a little warped, it can be hard to get the covered canvas into the frame. I had to check a few, to find one with a roomy fit.

With this type of frame, you’re stapling to the side, not the back. After you’ve stapled, you can trim the fabric very close to reduce bulk. The raw edge will be hidden by the extra deep side of the frame.

Here it is, all done!

Completed Matsuyama Fabric as Art

I LOVE the way this piece looks in my music room.

Matsuyama print in Music Room

There are so many of these oversized prints that are very appropriate for framing. Here are a few. If only I had more walls!!

Gaston y Daniela 71572 979

Wouldn’t this be great in a kitchen? It’s Gaston y Daniela #71572-979.

Decorators Walk 2629520 F S SchumacherGreek Vase with Different Sportsmen

I love the authentic look of this print with motifs taken from ancient Greek vases.The tawny color with the black background is right on the money! It’s from Decorator’s Walk #2629520, available through F.S.Schumacher.

Here’s a fragment of an ancient Greek vase. You can see why the print really caught my eye!

Brunschwig and Fils Fortunate Harbor

This border print can be used with or without the border. It’s called Fortunate Harbor from Brunschwig & Fils.

F.S. Schumacher 262093

This beauty is from F.S. Schumacher #262093. Prints with a dominant central motif are the easiest to work with, but almost any large print that you love, can be used.

The frames are all from A I Friedman. For pricing and availablility of the fabrics shown, call Gaita Interiors (914) 834-8282.


Leona GaitaLeona Gaita has an infectious enthusiasm for interior design that she shares with us, with her clients and with the readers of her popular blog, Gaita Interiors.

With a lifelong involvement in the fine arts and design, Leona designs for Gaita Interiors, a staple of the local community for over 40 years, serving Larchmont, Westchester County and the New York metropolitan area.

“I want to show people where I get the inspiration for my own creativity, and teach them how they can apply these principles to their own lives and their own homes,” says Leona.

Have you used fabric as art?

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11 Comments for “Fabric as Wall Art — Designer DIY”

Wow very inspirational work, Bravo!

Hi Eli,

Aren’t these projects easy and effective? I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore how the Matsuyama ladies look over Leona’s piano.

Stop by again soon,
— Kathy

[…] Leona Gaita shares some ideas on HomeWorkshop.com on ways you can use fabric as wall art, and explains how to ready-made stretch canvas with fabric of your choice.  Not only can you get some inexpensive decor for your walls, but you can use coordinating prints from the line to make other accents for your room.  Read more about using fabric as wall art at HomeWorkshop.com. […]

I’m looking for the print from Gaston y Daniela that shown on your website. Is there a place on line that has this print

Hi Yolanda,

I wanted to let you know I’ve got a message in with Leona to answer your question.


Hi Yolanda,

Leona just returned from High Point Market and wanted to get back to you. She said, “That’s a fabric available through an interior designer. As far as I know that’s the only way to get it. We at Gaita Interiors would be happy to give you a quote for yardage, and have the fabric drop shipped to you.”

Leona and her family have been in the Interior Design business for many years and she is a fabric wizard. You can reach her through Gaita Interiors, by email at info@gaitainteriors.com or by phone at (914) 834-8282.

Yes I would appriciate it. Should I email Leona the information,32 lenght by 30 width?

Thanks again for your help,

Hi Yolanda,

Yes. That would be great. I will also send her an email with your address if you don’t mind.

Please share a photo of your project with us when you are done. I would love to see it!!

Looking for some large blocks of palm tree designs to make into hanging art.

Should I use a protectant over the fabric i.e modge podge…to protect picture from dust, etc.

Thank You

I love the fabric Leona used for the wall art. I am interested in knowing if I can purchase some and the price per yard. I would appreciate it,if you can please let me know a price/per yard, on the fabric called Matsuyama ladies and also Fortunate harbor.

Thank you very much,
Lorraine Hretsina .

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