4th of July Table Decor Craft

Patriotic Peeps Placemats

Looking for a fresh take on your July 4th picnic table decor? Whip up some Patriotic Peeps Placemats. Easy to make and fun for the whole family, these are personalized with each family member’s handprint reverse-appliqued in stars and stripes fabrics.



Materials for Four Placemats:

  • One and one-half yards 45-inch wide off-white cotton canvas
  • One-quarter yard each 45-inch wide blue and white stars & red and white stripes cotton fabrics
  • Wonder Under paper-backed fusible web
  • Off-white thread


  1. Press all fabrics.
  2. From the canvas cut eight rectangles (two for each placemat), each 18 inches wide by 13 inches high.
  3. joined-stars-and-stripes-fabricsSeam together the stars and stripes fabrics along the full width of the fabrics. This will create a joined “stars and stripes” fabric to use for your appliques.
  4. Cut four 10-inch square pieces of fusible web.
  5. In the corner of the canvas where you will place the applique, press one of the fusible web squares to the reverse side of four of the placemat rectangles, following the instructions on the fusible web package. I put mine in the bottom corner of the placemats, with each wrist extending off the edge of the placemat.
  6. Once the fusible web has cooled, trace the family member’s hand on the paper backing. Be sure that some fusible web borders the hand for most of the way around it.
  7. With sharp scissors, cut out each handprint from the four rectangles of canvas.
  8. Take the canvas hand piece that you cut out and pin it to the joined “stars and stripes” fabric. Be sure to pin the wrong side of the canvas hand to the right side of the stars and stripes. This is so your hand applique will face the right way.
  9. cutout-and-reverse-applique

  10. You will be using the canvas hand as a pattern to cut out the piece of stars and stripes fabric. Cut the stars and stripes hand applique about 1/4″ to 1/2″ larger than the canvas hand, all around.
  11. Remove the pins and set aside the canvas hand. (Save for another project!) Now you have your stars and stripes applique.
  12. Working on your ironing board, place the placemat canvas rectangle that has the handprint cut out of it, with wrong side up. This is the side with the fusible web.
  13. Peel off the paper backing from the fusible web on the back of the canvas.
  14. Place the applique, also with wrong side up, over the handprint cutout. Be sure the stars and stripes fabric overlaps the cutout onto the exposed fusible web on at least three sides.
  15. reverse-applique-closeup-2Cover with a damp press cloth and carefully press the edges of your stars and stripes fabric to adhere them to the back of the placemat rectangle. Follow your the instructions of your fusible web for iron settings.
  16. Take a “blank” canvas rectangle and pin it, right sides together with your finished handprint-appliqued piece.
  17. Seam around the edges with approx. 1/4″ seam, leaving most of one of the shorter sides open for turning.
  18. Turn the placemat inside out; fold, pin and topstitch the open side, near the edge.
  19. Carefully press the finished placemat.
  20. Repeat steps 6 – 18 for remaining placemats.

That’s it. Enjoy!

Do you and your peeps go all out when decorating for the 4th? What about your dinner or picnic table decor?

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3 Comments for “4th of July Table Decor Craft”

[…] These patriotic placemats are personalized with a red, white, and blue version of each family member’s handprint.  Homeworkshop.com shows you how.  Go to the tutorial. […]

These are great, what a fun project that gets everyone in on the craft. I love it, I’ll be linking if you don’t mind.

Hi Rachel,

So glad you found HomeWorkshop and liked this project — I got a great response to it.

And your blog is darn cool! What a good idea to round up craft projects from around the Web.

Come back anytime,

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