Whiteboard Paint from IdeaPaint

Need more space to capture your ideas? Tired of dusty chalkboards? IdeaPaint is just the ticket. A one-coat whiteboard paint that you roll on to any smooth surface, IdeaPaint turns that surface into a whiteboard.


What’s fantastic is you can paint any size and shape. So you can go large and do the entire wall for a brainstorming bonanza, or paint some smaller panels or conversation bubbles.

This would be brilliant on a whole wall in a contemporary kitchen. Jot down recipes, draw the cartoon of the day, and work out that algebra problem with the kids.

Hangman anyone?


Home offices and corporate conference rooms are a no-brainer. And schools are repainting old chalkboard and whiteboard surfaces that have seen better days.


According to IdeaPaint, the product “is formaldehyde-free, conforms to all U.S. EPA regulations (including California) and does not produce any out-gassing once dry.”

The downside—it’s pricey, and you may want to hire a pro to paint it on for best results. But it may just be worth it for the fun factor.

Are your wheels turning? What would you do with whiteboard paint?

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7 Comments for “Whiteboard Paint from IdeaPaint”

We are redoing our laundry room and we are thinking of using this treatment for the door that leads to the backyard..maybe I’ll post chores on it..so I don’t have to fold all the socks!

Great idea Casey!
I’m also redoing my laundry room. It’s the “go-between” room of the house and then the garage.
I am going to find this paint so we too can create a “message wall.” This would be more efficient than “lost” paper note’s!
Thanks for the idea!

Hey Yolanda..let’s send our finished project pictures to this site so they can POST them! Don’t worry, it will take a bit of time for us to finish!

Casey and Yolanda, LOVE the laundry room idea. Chore lists, messages, laundry poetry, brainstorms of brilliant ideas that you’ve got to capture right now…. And YES, email us your photos when you’re done! Thanks for the enthusiasm. — Kathy

[…] delight in Ben’s design for his new kitchen. We relish reading Yolanda’s plans for whiteboard paint in her laundry room. And we’re galvanized into a bargain-hunting frenzy by Maureen’s […]

Hi Casey, and Kathy.
Thanks for the feedback. Sure, I’ll take photo’s and then try to post them. (I’m not very computer literate!)

Hi Yolanda,

No problem, I am here to help if you need it. Just email us a note to makeovers@homeworkshop.com and attach your photos to the email.

Any difficulty, just tell me via email and I will help you out. This will be fun to see!


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