FCLStyle.com for Lovers of French Design

New Furniture and Decor Site

Bonjour, Design Junkies. I need your help with this one. There’s a brand-new furniture and decor site launching sometime TODAY!

FCLStyle.com bills itself as “an online boutique for lovers of modern, French-inspired pieces…that combines the periods, patterns, and pedigrees of the French design esthetic into five unique collections.”


Here’s more of FCL’s description, “From fresh and lively fabrics to unexpected twists in classic color palettes and from monochromatic streamlined furniture to an assortment of flea market finds, FCL blends the new with the old and the traditional with the modern to appeal to your personal style, passion points, and bold visions.”

FCL has been leaking hints of what we’ll find on its site, and although I’ve yet to see the live site, what I have seen on the preview site and what I’ve read about seems fabuleux. Some pieces I’m hungry to see: The Feuille de Chocolat Armchair & The Wine Bottle Chandelier.


So here’s where you come in: Let’s take this opportunity to check out a nouveau site together. Head on over there and report back to us on what you find in the Comments section of this post. It’s our first community review!


This will be a blast, as if we are all on some group tour of Paris together, without the need for the phrase book.

And for your time, I will award an envy-worthy HomeWorkshop.com Coffee Mug to a randomly-drawn recipient from all those who leave a comment by one week from now, 12:01 a.m. (Pacific time) on Wednesday, June 10. An incredible offer, I know.

Here are FCL’s five Lifestyle Collections.

Bohemian (top): Perfectly imperfect. Flea market look… Needlepoint pillows, colorful rugs, dark wooden furniture, artistically French.

Classique (above): Neo-classical design. Straight lines, right angles, dark colors, influences of oak and laurel leaves and many other accents.


Creme Fraiche: Calming hues that create a restful quiet in a room. Simple lines. plush sectionals, faux horn tables. functional and chic.


Country Chic: New type of tranquility. Atypical shapes and materials that combines French Provencal design and down to earth suburbia.


Naturelle: To put it simply, for people who see the world through GREEN-colored glasses. eco-chic, eco-friendly. Loving nature.

Okay, now head on over there and tell us what you find. I can’t wait to read your report.

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5 Comments for “FCLStyle.com for Lovers of French Design”

The site is launched now! Hope you enjoy browsing/shopping. Thanks for writing about us, Kathy!

Christiana, Web Assistant

I am so excited to see talk about FCL Style! I hope everyone will take a look at the site! My favorite items are:

-Atrium Mirror

-Planteur de Relique de Jardin

-Wine Bottle Chandelier

-La Base de La Tour Eiffel Lithograph

-The Flower Frakturs

-Silver Seashells S/12

Check out the site and my favorite items!!

Assistant Buyer, Cara Fernicola
Home Decor/Lighting
FCL Style

Thanks for the heads up on the site.

No problem, Christiana. I love telling our Design Junkies about new, cool sources for furniture and accessories. And Cara, the wine bottle chandelier is a creative idea. I also adore the Tuileries Pillow and the Wendy’s Garden Pillow.


Start grinding those beans, Lisa! The winner of the HomeWorkshop.com coffee mug is commenter Lisa. Email me Lisa and I will get the mug to you.

— Kathy

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