Whimsical Home Accessories

Keeping it light and kicky today. Watch the next couple days’ posts for a gorgeous space and an amazing artist.


Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but when I see something for the home and some form of happy sound or word involuntarily escapes my mouth, it’s a clue that I really like the piece. Seriously. I’ve learned to pay attention to this when I’m shopping and I need to narrow my choices. The one that gets the happy noise means I like it on some deep, subconscious level.

I laughed out loud when I came across the Foot in the Door Doorstop from Wrapables.com. Hmmmm, audible happy noise = I like this thing. (Insert psychological explanation of your choice here.)

That led me to check out more of Wrapable’s offerings and I found these whimsical home accessories to share with you. Enjoy!


If you don’t want to put your foot in the door, why don’t you put your Key in the Door?



I adore these humans helping us store our books and magazines: Bookend Women, City Slickers Bookends and the Human Magazine Rack. (My apologies to former domino subscribers; don’t mean to depress you.)


Last, and to continue with our psychology theme, a couple hang-ups: The Branches Jewelry Organizer/Coat Rack and the Flip Flop Wall Hooks.



Do you inject whimsy into your home decor? How? Does the happy sound thing happen to you when you are shopping?

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3 Comments for “Whimsical Home Accessories”

These are terrific! I actually got no further than the first picture when I went to the website to buy a couple for my office. Then I came back to see the other decor items. I love a bit of whimsy… although I my case I usually refer to it as “quirky”.

Thanks for sharing.

That’s great, Tracy. We all can’t wait to see photos of your high-heeled doorstop in your office. What comments you will get! 🙂


You have to love the stuff that makes you smile. The door stop is over the top. Love it.

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