Frosted Glass Shower Stencil — Designer DIY

Enjoy this first in our series of Designer DIY’s. We start with the fantastically feminine, perfume-bottle-etched glass shower enclosure, from Nancy Van Natta’s Coco Chanel-inspired teenage girl’s bathroom.


Nancy designed the shower detail, and decorative painter Levinia Simmonds executed it, for this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. It’s a fabulous look and easy to recreate on your own shower enclosure.


  • Photo of a perfume bottle
  • Pencil
  • Frisket film (adhesive-backed film to create stencil)
  • Stencil cutting tool or X-acto knife
  • Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray (buy from the paint store and have the paint store give it a good shake in their machine)
  • Rusto Fatcap– this improves the spread and flow of the material and prevents the tip from clogging and “spitting”
  • Sharpie pen
  • Level
  • Masking paper & painter’s tape
  • Plastic drop cloths
  • Straight-edged blade
  • Vinyl adhesive labels: Design these to fit your perfume bottle motif and have them made by a local sign company
  • Acetone


  1. Note: This project should be done by an adult.
  2. Find a photograph of the perfume bottle shape (or what ever other shape) that you like. There are many online sources of copyright-free images.
  3. Using a copier or a scanner, reduce the photo to the size you want. Trace the graphic shape you like.
  4. Transfer the image of the bottle onto the frisket and cut out your stencil with a stencil cutter or X-acto knife.
  5. To accurately place the bottle images on your shower surround, layout a grid and drop center lines with a level and Sharpie on the opposite side of the glass (the side you are not spraying).
  6. Remove adhesive backing from frisket and apply the bottle stencil to the glass side to be sprayed.
  7. Protect surrounding glass that you aren’t spraying with masking paper and tape.
  8. Protect surrounding tile and fixtures with plastic drop cloths.
  9. Replace standard cap on Rustoleum Frosted Glass with Rusto Fatcap.
  10. Work with ventilation fan running for good ventilation, and follow Rustoleum Frosted Glass instructions for safe use.
  11. Spray through your stencil(s) with Rustoleum Frosted Glass.
  12. Allow to dry thoroughly, then remove frisket. Clean up any fuzzy edges with a straight-edged blade.
  13. Apply decorative vinyl labels.
  14. Clean off any overspray with acetone.
  15. Wipe clean Sharpie grid marks with acetone or denatured alcohol.

Those of you on the West Coast, you still have a bit more than a week to visit the Showcase in person. Thanks, Nancy and Levinia for sharing your project instructions.

Design Junkies, let us know when you try this DIY.

Or have you made another etched glass project for your home?

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This is a great idea for any girls out there. If you want your bathtoom to look more elegant this is an easy project for anyone to do. Here’s another idea: frosted window film

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