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Want to have some fun planning your new kitchen? Test out cabinet styles and colors, plop in some different appliances and slap up a new backsplash? Let loose and create your virtual kitchen with remodeling franchise Kitchen Tune Up’s New Design Tool. I spent an enjoyable hour playing around with the tool the other night.

Here’s my virtual kitchen before:


And here’s my after. What fun!


I changed the

  1. Cabinet style
  2. Cabinet color
  3. Knobs
  4. Appliances
  5. Island style
  6. Island color
  7. Counters
  8. Backsplash
  9. Flooring
  10. Lighting
  11. Faucets
  12. Blinds
  13. Barstools

A few notes. This tool won’t create a complete redesign. It’s not your kitchen layout for one, and you can’t change the layout. The options are not all-inclusive, and I hope for the next version you can change the wall treatment and take those plants and dishes off the cabinets.

But it’s a great, free tool. It helped me visualize various materials, styles and colors, and to see at a glance how combinations work together. For example, I picked a floor tile that I was sure would look fabulous, and it didn’t work at all.

My takeaway is that whenever we get to renovating our kitchen, I need to see the elements rendered together first. Smart of Kitchen Tune Up to give its customers this helpful tool, and thanks to LeAnn at Design Trade for pointing me to it.

Here’s my second after. Break out the wine and cheese.


So enjoy your new kitchen video game. Tonight you’ll give the kiddos and their Webkinz a run for their money.

If you could, what are the top three changes you’d make to your kitchen today?

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4 Comments for “Kitchen Makeover Tool”

I tried this site, and because of it, I actually ordered an (expensive) oven hood, and got granite counters, instead of the Formica I was originally planning to get. I think it is extremely helpful in giving a good visual and lots of fun too! Is there a similar site around for bathrooms? Also, another site,, has the same thing with a much larger database.

Why don’t you make this one of the weekly design challenges? See who can create the nicest kitchen, and have users vote? It should be tons of fun, and allow anyone to get involved without visiting a store…

Hi Heather, So glad the tool was helpful to you; and we can’t wait to hear back about your finished kitchen. Please email us some photos — it would be great to see Before and Afters. Thanks for the tip about the other site, too.

And, I love your idea for the Challenge! I just need to work out the logistics of everyone easily saving and sending in their images of the completed kitchens. I had to use a purchased software to save my finished kitchen images and I don’t want people to have to do that. But, I bet there is a way. Were you able to easily save your completed kitchen images? Let me know.

I will comment again with what I find and will hopefully post this as one of the Challenges. If so, you will earn yourself a fantabulous coffee mug; you’ll be a trendsetter. 🙂

Hi Kathy,

I’m with the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise system. We’re really thrilled at the response communities like yours have given for this tool. It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of this technology.

To save the pictures, there are two ways that can be used without having to register. Both are reachable from the tabs on the top left side of the tool.

1.) Under the Tools tab, click the “Enlarge” button and when it opens in a new browser window, you can save it to your computer, either by right clicking on it or by using the regular File menu and choosing “Save As”.

2.) Under the More tab, use the Email option and send yourself (or anyone else you want to see your creation!) the picture. It arrives in your inbox and can be easily forwarded to anyone you want to see it.

I love Heather’s contest idea and I’ll be sure to check back to see all the cool creations.

Hi Beth,

Thanks so much stopping by and for the note, it was helpful. As I mentioned in the post your company is really smart to use this software; it’s fun and easy to see how the elements work together. I bet your customers appreciate it.

The contest is running now. You can click to it from the home page.

Design on,

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