Recycled Art and Furniture

We all need to do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle. So in honor of Earth Week, take a gander at these items made from recycled materials. Thanks to WebUrbanist and The Alternative Consumer for pointing me to some of these.

I’d love to try my hand at making something like Mitch and Susie Levin’s Pop Art Mirror


CounterEvolution’s Brooklyn Bowling Alley Table is made from reclaimed bowling alley flooring. How cool is that?


Lamponi’s Vapor Lamp is crafted from an old American vapor steam iron.


Graham Bergh’s Bicylcle Cog Clock also incorporates automotive tire rubber.


Boris Bally’s Black and White Transit Chair is made from a retired sign.


My toes start a tapping when I see Jeff Davis Crooners Stepped Bowl


Gotta love the name of Brad Smith’s 5 Forker Bench made from found pitchforks and axe handles.


The king of reusing retired transit signs, Boris Bally strikes again with these hip DOT Coasters


And my favorite, reestore’s “Annie” the shopping cart chair. Now don’t start stealing shopping carts; you can buy them.


What ideas does this give you for creating a recycled piece for your home?

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4 Comments for “Recycled Art and Furniture”

Patience Lewis ( ) just emailed me about your website. AMAZING!!!!!! Such fun – I could spend all day here. But, no – I have to go back to work. I’ll be back tonight when I can really enjoy.

Hi Debbie,

You are so nice! And feel free to spend all day (I won’t tell). Seriously, come back anytime; and give one of our Challenges a whirl. I look forward to seeing you around here and around the Lake!

— Kathy

I absolutely was amazed looking over your recycled art and furniture. I am always amazed at how others are able to create wonderful new things out of what some might consider trash. If only they knew!

I am so impressed with your entire site. Your ideas and creations are all things I have never seen before. I love the pitchfork bench and the shopping cart chair! But I love everything else too. I am inspired and excited to get a workplace set up and organized so I can start being as creative as I want to be and have the freedom to “play”. At 59 I am finally beginning to stop marching to everyone’s drum but my own. By 60 I hope to be mentally in a place that I can stop limiting myself! Thanks for your inspiring and motivational site.
2canartbylynn…I just made that up and am going to use it for my recycled aluminum “GOD CANS”!

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