Nifty Design Notebooks and Journals

Your ideas are precious and if not recorded, can dissolve away in an instant. Where do you jot down your brainstorms and scratch out your quickie designs?

If you’re like me, you have journals and notebooks at the ready. I keep one at my workspace, another on my nightstand and two (a pocket and a mini size) in my purse. And somehow my ideas seem more significant when bound in a chic volume. So I went hunting for stylish notebook and journal options for us and came up with this list. Have fun capturing your ideas; I know you’ll be brilliant.


Nothing like the pop of color in Edesse Designs’ Kilim Rug Design Journal. Or at Phoe Line’s eBay store, you’ll find this classy Art Nouveau leather journal.



There’s an operation over in the U.K. called Suck UK (seriously); they came up with the smart, appropriately named Notebook and Pencil. Love it! And be sure to check out Ivylane Designs’ Etsy store and its fantabulous upcycled journals. Who wouldn’t adore their own Pop-tarts notebook?



Just try not to crack a grin when you open your Fiorentina Smile Journal from Journaling Arts. Clever placement of that pen! And you’ll feel like the Indiana Jones of designers when you whip out one of Rogue Journals’ Compact Pocket Leather books.


Get your flourish on with Juniper Berry’s Renaissance Moleskine Pocket Notebook.


“You can get anything you want” from Ivylane. Write circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of their Alice’s Restaurant Recycled Album Cover Notebook.


Never lose your notebook with this low-tech memory stick, NewPrehistory’s Handbound Leather Journal Necklace.


Or confidently stick with this classic Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook.


How are you at capturing your sudden ideas?

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