Design Your Own Fabric at Spoonflower

Fasten your seatbelts Design Junkies; this pegs the needle on the coolness meter. I don’t know how this site escaped me until now, but do you know that over at Spoonflower anyone can design their own fabric and have it printed?!


This is monumentally magical, so thanks to Jessica Jones at How About Orange for leading me to Spoonflower. Spoonflower’s site and process is in Beta (that’s in “testing phase” for those of you who aren’t married to a Chief Code Jockey), but buckets of creative folks have already designed their original textiles, as Jane Kathryn Kolles’ did with her Retro Pink (above).

    The process:

  1. Create your design in a software like Photoshop or Illustrator
  2. Upload the design
  3. Choose how much you want printed (minimum is 8″ x 8″ swatch)
  4. Place your order
  5. In a few weeks your very own fabric shows up on your doorstep!

According to Kim Fraser at Spoonflower, “Our current turnaround time for orders is around 10-14 days from the time that an order is placed. We hope to bring that down to around 5 days, but have been (happily!) been slammed with orders lately.” Kim adds that plans for the future include a venue to market your fabric and adds that right now “there are several users selling their Spoonflower fabric through their Etsy storefronts.”

To be fair, designing your own fabric is not a snap-your-fingers process, and the bulk of the work is in Step 1. You must invest some up-front time to create an attractive, workable design with colors you love, and the proper repeat (link) that will print seamlessly into yardage. Rachel over at Mamma Made has a great series of how-to posts to teach you the basics:

To acclimate yourself to the fabric design universe, take a journey on Spoonflower’s Explore option, where you can view designs that people have chosen to make public. The quantity already created is substantial, so prepare to be sucked in. I suggest first feeding the kids so they don’t starve while you Explore; and be forewarned that you may wake up the next morning still in your armchair, your lips frozen in a woozy smile from your design coma.

Here’s an appetizer of designs:


No reason I like that last one.

What do you think of Spoonflower and which is your favorite design above?
Ready to jump in and design your own fabric?

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7 Comments for “Design Your Own Fabric at Spoonflower”

Kathy, thanks so much for your post on Spoonflower! I’m also delighted to see that you linked to Rachel’s tutorial on Mamma Made. We think she’s pretty great, too!

Help! I cannot get into any part of Rachel’s tutorial or her blog either! I keep getting a “Server Application Unavailable” error message. Is anyone else having this problem? Did she move her stuff?

Hi Jan,
Oops! I am getting those errors too now, for all of Rachel’s site. I will do a little research and will post another comment soon with what I find out.
Hang in there,


Give it a try now…it seems to be working. Let me know if you get in. Best, Kathy

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