Spring Container Garden — Challenge # 4

Okay Design Junkies, this one’s a piece of cake. The spring air has gone to my brain and I feel the urge to plant. But this time I thought I’d bring a little spring indoors.


So after scouring the house for a worthy container, I took a little jaunt down to the antique shop where I found this vintage Bauer casserole with a copper and wood holder. I liked its moss-green color and its lines—looks Arts and Crafts to me.



Then a quick stop at the nursery for a few colorful annuals. Potted it up and voila—instant room and mood brightener. I couldn’t trek over to the “primo” nursery with baby-with-cold in tow, but I think these pedestrian pansies and marigolds complement each other well.

So that’s it! There’s your inspiration. This week’s challenge: Create a spring container garden for your home, using an interesting container. Look in your cupboards, hit a garage sale, the thrift store, or the local antique shop and choose a container that speaks to you (not literally of course, then you need more rest than I do). Plant it up with some spring blossoms and place where it where you’ll see it and smile.

Couldn’t be simpler this week…have fun!

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When you're done, snap a photo and submit your entry. Do so by Wednesday, May 27, 2009 to be included in the Ta-Da! Challenge Results post. We can't wait to see what you do!

Spring Container Garden -- Challenge # 4

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, May 27, 2009
  • Ta-Da! Challenge Results: Thursday, May 28, 2009

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2 Comments for “Spring Container Garden — Challenge # 4”

[…] Challenge # 4: Plant a spring container garden in an interesting container. Due Wednesday, April 29. […]

[…] Challenge # 4: Plant a spring container garden in an interesting container. Due Wednesday, April 29. […]

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