Let Your Houseplants Live!

Hot off the presses! Better Homes and Gardens has completely upgraded its Online Plant Encyclopedia, so you can easily search for and learn how to care for your plants. Its clear photographs make it easy to identify a houseplant and read about its characteristics and maintenance. Just check ‘Indoor Plants,’ click ‘Search,’ and browse away.


Alright, miraculously your Dracaena is thriving. What’s the best way to make little baby plants for a couple other spots in your loft? The Encyclopedia says propagate it by “making cuttings.” Scroll down and catch the many varieties listed below the main listings. This Compact Janet Craig Dracaena is much smaller and has solid green leaves. Sweet! Nobody will know they are the same plant!


Now what the heck is that houseplant your mom gave you, and is there any hope that you’ll keep it alive? Look it up and you read that it’s the Spider Plant that’s “an excellent choice for beginners. Keep the soil slightly moist and avoid using fluoridated water.” Sounds do-able—Woohoo!


Another plant that’s easy to grow? This gorgeous Vermont African Violet. Who knew?

On a serious note, do you need to keep the plant in your living room away from baby Logan and Tiger the cat? The Encyclopedia says this Chinese Evergreen’s sap is an irritant, so you should keep it far from both.


Wonder if that Cylinder Snake Plant will stretch beyond its little corner? Well its leaves “can reach several feet in length.”


For outdoor gardeners, the Encyclopedia has thousands of listings that you can search based on your region and growing conditions. This is a smart tool for quick plant reference. Definitely bookmark-worthy!

Now go forth and spread oxygen in your dwellings.

Which houseplants best complement your decor? Which ones have you found the easiest to keep alive?

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The best tip for houseplants is to polish the leaves with the INSIDE of a banana peel. It removes water spots and dust, shines it up, repels dust and is free. It lasts too.

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