From On-site Cubicle to Backyard OfficePOD?


Ready to escape the cubicle and head for the comfort of your home office? Not so fast. Springwise shows us OfficePOD, a UK company that will deliver and install in your backyard this self-contained home office.

Meant to help separate work and home life and marketed toward employers as a means of saving costs over keeping an employee in an on-site workstation, OfficePOD is a sleek, efficient space.


It is tough to keep work from invading home life and visa-versa. I can relate since my “office” is a chair in our living room, surrounded by a baby bouncy seat and an ExerSaucer. I do most of my writing late at night or during naps. I need to keep kiddo close by when she’s awake, so the back yard wouldn’t work for me as it might for others.

The OfficePOD intent seems good and the commute on the flagstones beats the heck out of Highway 4, but to me it looks a bit too much like those workstations so many workers would like to leave behind.

Maybe those who like self-contained spaces would prefer to remain at the office in Dilbert’s perfect workstation complete with fish tank and floor cooler. Did this ever move beyond the prototype and see use in a real office? Or, better yet in one of the lavishly personal spaces Lifehacker found at The Balcom Agency. Dig Cassie’s purple palace…


…and check out the rest here. Sign me up to work in Heagan’s loungey Cube—seriously, I could get a lot done there.

Do you work at home, or in a cubicle farm? Describe your perfect workspace. Would an OfficePOD work for you?

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