Play SCRABBLE Big Time


I never seem to get the ‘Q’ when I can use it. But memories are fond of Chuck and his dad facing off at ‘speed SCRABBLE.’ One minute to play your word and it didn’t phase them at all. Chuck would plop down a doozie like ‘zenith’ and Paul would counter with ‘quorum,’ on a double word score no less. No dictionary needed.

So my knees went weak when (thanks to Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing) I came across this slick office break area seating by London’s Stephen Reed Industrial Design. I’d be taking extra breaks here to work on my vocab.

‘Pardon me Olivia; will you please toss me that ‘W’?’



If you can’t fabricate the rack-benches, and if throw pillows aren’t your thing, profess your loyalty to the classic game with a wall display. Our friends over at Great Big Stuff have just the thing.


Have you used game-themed decor at your home or office? Tell us all….

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