Write Your Words in the Sand

Words as wall art are all the rage. You can declare Junior’s name in baseball letter plaques and grandma can greet visitors with a hand-painted ‘Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much’ sign. You can have names crafted in wood or metal, or grab some paper mâché letters from the craft store and coat them in color to accent your decor.

You can slap up meaningful vocab in vinyl wall letters to motivate you. My buddy Lisa suspended a ‘Believe’ sign in her workspace as inspiration for her recent career leap of faith. Or how about a movie quote—”Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Hmmmm, could’ve used that one over my desk at a job or two.


But here’s a witty idea: Write your message in the sand. Or rather, have your message written in the sand, photographed and made into art for you. That’s what Supie at Sand Scribbles will do for you. She will write (just about) anything in the sand at the Northern California beach down the street from her home. My pal Diane and I met the vividly-clad Supie (aka Susan Davis) at her packed booth at the Harvest Festival, while she energetically juggled purchases and questions from customers.

Okay, that’s romantic.

Maybe you tried proclaiming your love with a sand message during your island honeymoon, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Supie has made a science of prepping a pristine spot of sand and carving tidy letters without leaving a bunch of footprints.

Supie has the most perfect handwriting since she’s practiced calligraphy for over 25 years; she even offers your choice of three “typestyles” that she’ll handwrite. When done, she’ll meld the words into the background scene you want (or not, if you’re fine with your photo-day’s weather) and for the bargain price of $1.50 a letter, she’ll email you the finished artwork. You can print it yourself onto the media of your choice.

Now there’s a different kind of beach.

If you don’t have a bang-up printer or don’t want to mess with that part, you can buy a finished print from Supie. I think these photos would be terrific on stretched canvas, don’t you?

So, what d’ya want to say?


Thanks to Supie for showing us another way to express ourselves.

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12 Comments for “Write Your Words in the Sand”

South Carolina 2009

Linzie, that is just so romantic. Aaah, young love….

M + D

Cherish Me Good

I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you

I love u Mark so much

I see the gull above me
I hear the roar of the waves
I feel the wind on my face
I taste the salt in the air
I smell the fresh ocean breeze

L&X Love You You

i love you lori so much

I want a happy Birthday written in sand and perhaps his name. Can you tell ne the cost? Is it by the letter ?
Happy Birthday Riley
March 17, 2015
Mo chridhe

Thank you
Pam Hawley
PS – I would love it to be on a Maui Beach

Hi Pam,

Check with Supie, whose business this story is about. Here is a link to her custom orders page: http://info.sandscribbles.net/customorders.aspx

Your idea sounds great!
– Kathy

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