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It’s easier for most of us to buy a colorful object than it is to choose paint colors for our homes. Without much consideration we’ll snap up that aqua McCoy vase at the flea market, or snag that purple blouse off the Kohls’ rack. But when we need to pick paint colors for our rooms, the decision is often more difficult.

Red-Violet Smile Violet Smile Blue-Violet Smile Blue Smile Blue-Green Smile Green Smile Yellow-Green Smile Yellow Smile Yellow-Orange Smile Orange Smile Red-Orange Smile Red Smile


A slick solution comes from the advice of design guru Sir Terence Conran in his iconic The New House Book (updated version here). He says that we already know what colors and tones we enjoy being around, by merely observing our favorite objects.

So glance around.

Take a fresh look at your home accessories, your jewelry, your clothing, even your favorite stationery. The hues of some of these things bring a smile to your face — there’s your clue to take that color and run. This is a much better starting place than is a stack of paint chips (as much as I love paint chips). And computer color matching makes it simple to buy paint to match that blouse.

We’ll be learning a lot about color and color schemes here at HomeWorkshop. As a start, I made you this handy color wheel from some home goodies that made me grin. Have fun clicking around and exploring the surprises! (Btw, you’ll have to dress Candice’s Marlo chair in the red-violet fabric yourself, but I think you’ll like Norwalk’s Design Your Furniture tool.)

So, which surprise did you like the best? And once you do your personal color research, let us all know what colors from your objects make you smile.

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I would design a whole room around that green mini mitt chair! That’s awesome!

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