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Thanks for stopping by on our inaugural day!

painting the walls

HomeWorkshop.com is a vibrant, community site for people who are into home decorating and design. So if you dream in paint colors, hyperventilate while strolling through IKEA, or if you can’t wait to hit the garage sales to find your next piece to refurbish, you’re in the right place.

I call us “Design Junkies.” HomeWorkshop is where we share our designs and creations, and where we inspire one another to make our homes wonderful, comfortable, uplifting and personal spaces for ourselves and the people we love. I’m Chief Design Junkie, Kathy Barlow. You can learn more about me and the site here.

HomeWorkshop is built in a blog style so that each day you’ll read a fresh post covering design and decorating basics, trends, how-to’s, and interviews with designers, artists and craftspeople.


The unique element and soul of the site is the weekly Challenge. Each Wednesday you’ll see an inspiration project around a given theme. Some will be simple, others more involved. Visitors will have 4 weeks to post their photo and description of their project. Then we all get to see and give feedback on each other’s work. Read more about our Challenges here.

If you haven’t frequented a blog before, the beauty is in the interaction. With each daily post and with our Challenges you are encouraged to add your comment to the group discussion. It’s fun and educational.

So fellow Design Junkies, come on into HomeWorkshop with me! I can’t wait for us all to meet, to have lively conversations, to drink in our designs and to see what we’re doing with our homes. Grab a cup of coffee, your paint chips and your colored pencils. I know that we will inspire one another to do great things.

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9 Comments for “Welcome to HomeWorkshop.com”

YOU GO girl!! It looks FANTASTIC!I want to tell you that they make chrome spray paint.. (yep!)..but YOU probably already KNEW that! I’m SURE I can find something to “BLING!” I can’t WAIT to read about the challange! You look so happy peeking out from those pillows, guess it has something to do with your new passion.
Talk to you soon, create ’til your heart’s content.

Love the site! Great addition to my bookmark list!!!! I can’t wait to see the challenges, especially what everyone comes up with! Looking forward to checking back a lot for great ideas!!

CONGRATS on the launch! Everything looks great, you’ve done a fantastic job!

Roll out that first challenge! Let’s see what these inspired design junkies can do!

Wow Kathy! Great job!! This is very cool! I have a few friends who will really enjoy this. Good luck!!

Kathy – You are one creative person!! I’m sure this sight will fly and be filled with great ideas!!

Wow…dreams have now become reality! The site looks great and I have it in my bookmarks. This junkie is in need of motivation…so I await your first challenge.


Thanks everyone for the support and good wishes. Casey, the chrome spray paint idea is budget genius…hmmm, what can I paint?

LOVE IT… LOVE IT… LOVE IT… This is great Kathy… Great job!! Congrats and looking forward to seeing the challenges.

WOW! Awesome site. Congrats on a great idea/dream come true. You’re living the leap. I can’t wait to see what people do with your first “map” challenge.

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