We all love to read about home design, and to ogle over smashing decorating photos. But isn’t the beauty of it in the doing? That’s where our Challenges come in. Challenges are an outstanding opportunity for us to design and create together.

Regularly on, you’ll read an invitation to participate in a HomeWorkshop Challenge—a home design/decorating project. The post will describe our inspiration project and your Challenge. Then it’s up to you. You’ll have 4 – 8 weeks to design, create and post your entry.


The fun of the Challenges is the diverse entries we receive. Each of you has a unique eye, talents and tastes—and the contrast and comparison makes for a spicy design soup. Challenges are an avenue where we share and learn great ideas from one another and where with our comments, we encourage one another to stretch and grow our design and decorating skills and accomplishments around our homes.

Here and there, we’ll throw in a Prize Challenge—you can win some good stuff! And we’ll work together on some Community Service Challenges, the proceeds of which will go to worthy causes.


Participate in as many Challenges as you like! Some Challenges will be simple and quick, others will be more involved. All will be motivating. Think you dream in color now—just wait. And please comment on fellow HW community members’ Challenge entries even if you don’t participate. We all want feedback from kindred, creative souls.

How to Participate in Challenges

Before the submission deadline, simply:

  1. Complete your Challenge project. Have fun!
  2. Photograph your project and save a good resolution copy of your photo in JPEG format, a maximum file size of 2 MB.
  3. Complete the quick form in the Challenge Invitation, including:
    • Your name
    • Your location–city, state, country
    • Your email address (will not be shared or published)
    • Your Web site or blog address (optional)
    • Your description of what you did
    • Your photo attachment

Don’t worry—even certified non-techy folks have done this—so you can too. And once you enter your first Challenge, it will be easy-peasy. If you need any help, drop us a note.

Entries will be displayed in the Challenge Invitation Post as they come in, after a brief delay for approval (to prevent spam, inappropriate photos or Web sites). Then watch for the “Ta-Da” results of the Challenge showcasing the entries, which I will post on Thursday, one day after the Submission deadline. Please comment on the ongoing entries and the Ta-Da so everyone gets your feedback.

Challenge Ideas

Calling all Design Junkies! You know you’ve said to yourself ‘Hmmmm, I’ve got a great idea for a Challenge.’ So come on, share with us here. And yippee! If your Challenge idea is used on HW, in addition to all the fame and praise, you’ll receive a gift of an envy-worthy item!

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