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DIY Decoupage Storage Pails

DIY Decoupage Storage Pails by Sherri Blum Here’s a fun DIY for you and the kids, from our Nursery and Kids Room Design Expert and Contributor, Sherri Blum. A pioneer specialist for children’s-room interior design, Sherri designs for celebrities, and for the baby next door. Let’s face it, most children’s rooms are small. And considering that these rooms usually hold more junk stuff than most, parents find ourselves dealing […] Read more »

Laptop Pods — Love it or Leave it?

Laptop Pods — Love it or Leave it? Design Junkies – the second I saw these, I knew I needed to get your opinion. For its design of the 242-apartment, ‘Society’ complex in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia, the architects—Plus Architecture—wanted to create a sense of community. Core to its concept is an active communal lobby including a lounge and bar, surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants, and with access to a ‘contemplation garden.’ […] Read more »

An Artist’s Environment

An Artist’s Environment Tahoe ARTour 2010 I find it fascinating to see an artist in his own environment. What colors and forms surround him? What view does he soak in, over his morning coffee? How does the place an artist calls home, influence his work? Come on along and hit the road with me, as we drop in on a few of Lake Tahoe’s gifted artists. I was […] Read more »

Merging Form and Art

Merging Form and Art Artist Profile — Jo Roessler When does a useful object become art? I think you know it when you see it. Take for example the furniture designed and handcrafted by Jo Roessler of Nojo Design in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Jo has a thing for beds and I think I have a thing for his beds. Artful and refined. What dreams I’d design in one of these […] Read more »

Float Your Workdays Away

Float Your Workdays Away Here’s a creative use of space, that an adventurous entrepreneur might appreciate. WaterSpace in the UK has come up with the H2Office — a floating office space designed to fit perfectly into an unused marina slip. Take a look: According to WaterSpace, the H2Office includes: Space for one or two people to work A “breakout” area (perhaps for small meetings, meals etc.) An external sun […] Read more »

Kent and London Alphabet Drawers

Kent and London Alphabet Drawers I adore the simplicity and graphic statement of the UK’s Kent and London’s warm and woodsy Alphabet Drawers. The beefy letters are inspired by vintage printing blocks. A wonderful concept for kids to keep their rooms neat and to learn the Alphabet, but just as useful in organizing a workspace. The custom-order price of this piece makes it more of a design inspiration than a […] Read more »

Pantone® Chair at NeoCon’09

Pantone® Chair at NeoCon’09 The Coolest Chair We Can’t Yet Buy Upholster a chair in a Pantone® chart and you’re going to get the attention of creative types. Chicago’s Merchandise Mart is abuzz about a chair that’s not even in production. At NeoCon ’09, where thousands of design professionals are gathering to view the latest in furnishings, SIF Technology is displaying the digitally-enhanced leather chair. Photograph by Cameron Schuler […] Read more »

From On-site Cubicle to Backyard OfficePOD?

From On-site Cubicle to Backyard OfficePOD? Ready to escape the cubicle and head for the comfort of your home office? Not so fast. Springwise shows us OfficePOD, a UK company that will deliver and install in your backyard this self-contained home office. Meant to help separate work and home life and marketed toward employers as a means of saving costs over keeping an employee in an on-site workstation, OfficePOD is a […] Read more »

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