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Fabric as Wall Art — Designer DIY

Fabric as Wall Art — Designer DIY by Leona Gaita What a fabulous week! Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Leona Gaita, Interior Design Expert and our newest Contributor. You’ll adore Leona’s inspiring, creative and resourceful posts for HomeWorkshop and those for her popular Gaita Interiors blog. — I’m constantly knocked out by the stunning creativity of textile designers! Every time I go to the Decoration & Design […] Read more »

Ta-Da! Challenge # 9 Results

Ta-Da! Challenge # 9 Results Slice It Up Many people read about it. A bunch thought they’d give it a whirl. But Megan in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia shared her sliced-up artwork with us, and she’s scored a new book! Megan and her husband are lounging on an old dock in Guatemala in her photographic take on pointillism (above). I like the misty, relaxed feel of the piece. And the close […] Read more »

Be the Fairest in Style

Be the Fairest in Style Need a new frame for your reflection? Want to add some light and sparkle to your space? We’re shopping for handcrafted mirrors today over at Etsy. These are funky, colorful and a testament to the creativity and talent of Etsy artisans. Enjoy! You might need to arm wrestle the artist Kev for his CONCENTRICITY mirror from Dig the Earth (above). He repeats such a simple […] Read more »

Whiteboard Paint from IdeaPaint

Whiteboard Paint from IdeaPaint Need more space to capture your ideas? Tired of dusty chalkboards? IdeaPaint is just the ticket. A one-coat whiteboard paint that you roll on to any smooth surface, IdeaPaint turns that surface into a whiteboard. What’s fantastic is you can paint any size and shape. So you can go large and do the entire wall for a brainstorming bonanza, or paint some smaller panels or […] Read more »

Color and Soul

Color and Soul Artist Profile — Skip Hunt, Part Two (Read part one.) Yesterday, we met Visual Artist Skip Hunt and drank in some of his fantastic photography. As promised, our conversation with Skip continues today with some advice, a favorite piece and a little prose. Enjoy the visit and some of Skip’s soulful “People” photographs. Here’s Skip’s advice for aspiring photographers: “First, don’t get too obsessed over […] Read more »

The Palette of Life, Time and Decay

The Palette of Life, Time and Decay Artist Profile — Skip Hunt, Part One (Read part two.) Great art seizes your attention. That’s how it was when I first saw the photographs of Visual Artist Skip Hunt. I was transfixed. The considered composition, the sumptuous color, the feeling of being whisked to a sunbaked or storied locale. Join me in this conversation with Skip. I asked him about his fantastic eye for […] Read more »

Switches and Gauges — Get a Grip

Switches and Gauges — Get a Grip Feeling a bit out of control? Maybe this will help. As the yang to the yin of the creative outlet of Frames Wallpaper, this wall art can help you get a grip. Our Children’s Gorilla’s Switches & Gauges Poster at Wannekes puts the control right in front of you. Hang the whole panel, or slice it up and paste up or frame smaller sections. Created […] Read more »

Frames Wallpaper — How Will You Finish it?

Frames Wallpaper — How Will You Finish it? I’ve got to find a spot to use this creative person’s dream wallpaper I stumbled across the other day — Graham & Brown’s “Frames” by Artists Taylor & Wood. The empty frames design (below left) is customizable with your own photos or artwork, your kids’ art, or memorabilia. You can even paint your own designs directly on it. What fun! Update, August 10, 2010: I […] Read more » for Lovers of French Design for Lovers of French Design New Furniture and Decor Site Bonjour, Design Junkies. I need your help with this one. There’s a brand-new furniture and decor site launching sometime TODAY! bills itself as “an online boutique for lovers of modern, French-inspired pieces…that combines the periods, patterns, and pedigrees of the French design esthetic into five unique collections.” Here’s more of FCL’s description, “From fresh and lively fabrics to unexpected […] Read more »

Prize Challenge Announcement!

Prize Challenge Announcement! Okay Design Junkies, here’s your chance to win a prize simply by participating in a Challenge. I’ve had such a good response to our Slice It Up Challenge that I know scores of you are planning to enter. But what the heck, here’s a little incentive: Everyone who enters the Slice It Up Challenge will receive one chance in a random drawing for the hot […] Read more »

Go Green to Get an Affordable “Decorator” Look

Go Green to Get an Affordable “Decorator” Look by GraceAnn Simoni Today we are joined by Contributor GraceAnn Simoni, a Redesign Specialist and Instructor from the Chicagoland area. From time to time, GraceAnn will be sharing budget tips and advice for decorating with your existing furniture and accessories. — “Green” design and decorating goes way beyond just purchasing the new products on the market. Each of us has the ability to apply “green” […] Read more »

Marimekko and Ljungbergs at Textile Arts

Marimekko and Ljungbergs at Textile Arts Here’s some design eye candy for you today from Textile Arts, a great source for fabrics and home decor in retro, Mid-Century Modern and contemporary Scandinavian designs from Marimekko and Ljungbergs. Add some city flair to your bath with the Hetkia shower curtain. Choose one of Textile Arts’ variety of Wall Hanging Kits and make an instant art statement in your space: Terttu Wall Hanging […] Read more »

Slice It Up — Challenge # 9

Slice It Up — Challenge # 9 Breaking News…This is now a Prize Challenge; enter for your chance to win! — It’s not always simple to choose artwork for a space. Maybe you enjoy a print, a photograph, or your own original watercolor, but it doesn’t fit the space as well as you’d hoped. Or you love the colors, but the composition isn’t working. What to do? Why don’t you slice it […] Read more »

A Forest of Handmade Art for Your Home

A Forest of Handmade Art for Your Home Get ready to click that mouse; it’s an Etsy shopping day today. Inspired by the forest around me, I found you some wonderful tree-themed handicrafts that will help you beautify your home environment. Enjoy! I adore the graphic simplicity of Modernality’s Branch Pillow Covers. And Day Dreem Designs’ Etched Wine Glasses are indeed dreamy. Kainkain’s aqua on chocolate Borneo Tree Pillow is vivid and fresh. […] Read more »

More Initial Thoughts — Contemporary Monograms

More Initial Thoughts — Contemporary Monograms Part Two Read Part One » I guess I’ve been in a letter-perfect mood lately. Anyway, here is the second batch of marvy monograms I promised. Enjoy the work of these Etsy artisans and don’t forget to click on the links to see the other initial items offered at their shops. Have a blast! I had to start with Lilyelle’s Groovy Personalized Shot Glasses (top). […] Read more »

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