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Recycled & Reused Objects Lighting

Recycled & Reused Objects Lighting At the heart of reuse, is looking at everyday objects with a new eye. Some brilliant examples? These creative chandeliers. En Pieza’s ‘Volivik’ Chandelier, Crafted from Scads of Bic Balpoint Pens. Tweelink’s ‘Madame Eiffel’ – Made from Pocketfuls of Tour Eiffel Keychains. Stuart Haygarth’s Extraordinary ‘Spectacle’, a Vision in Thousands of Pairs of Discarded Eyeglasses! Detail of Stuart Haygarth’s ‘Spectacle’ (via Core77, Very Very Fun.) […] Read more »

On Designing and Using Beautiful Lighting

On Designing and Using Beautiful Lighting A Chat with Marcia & Paul at Zia•Priven If you spotted one of their fixtures in a magazine, chances are you snagged that page for your inspiration file. Striking, original, elegant. Since 1999, husband and wife team Marcia Zia and Paul Priven—through their namesake company Zia•Priven—have wowed the design world with their extraordinary lighting. Their lighting graces the Fontainebleau Hotel & Resort, Grand Hotel Stockholm […] Read more »

Christopher Lowell Lead Design Judge for our Alluminare Design Challenge

Christopher Lowell Lead Design Judge for our Alluminare Design Challenge Artists and designers from around the globe worked hard to create 475 amazing original patterns for’s Alluminare Design Challenge. Light fixtures, wallpaper and pillows are anxiously awaiting their new designer looks. So we wanted only the best when it came to our judging team. We wanted a team leader who lives and breathes interior design and art, with successful signature lines of home decor […] Read more »

Little Black Dress — Dressing Room and Bath

Little Black Dress — Dressing Room and Bath Small spaces in our homes are often treated like afterthoughts. Not so for this dressing room and bath worthy of an up-and-coming fashionista. These were favorites of the spaces we saw at this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Photographs by David Duncan Livingston We loved how the designers—George Brazil and Cecilia Sagrera of SagreraBrazilDesign—brought light and a soft, fresh color scheme into the space. And […] Read more »

Designer Lighting Ideas from the Mecca of Design

Designer Lighting Ideas from the Mecca of Design by Leona Gaita Today we are joined by Leona Gaita, Interior Design Expert and Contributor. Leona shares with us her inspiring ideas and advice to help us enrich our homes and lives with beauty and elegance. — I Went to the High Point Market and I Saw the Light! For the first time ever, I made the pilgrimage to the furniture mecca of the […] Read more »

Designer Nursery for Baby 1, 2, 3

Designer Nursery for Baby 1, 2, 3 Parents of triplets can use any shred of tranquility they can get their diaper-strapping, baby-bouncing hands on. What if the nursery could be designed to relax? That’s what Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt and her team at Marsh & Clark Design accomplished with their Nursery Design for Triplets, at this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Photographs by Elisabeth Fall The subdued color palette isn’t what you typically […] Read more »

More Earth-Friendly Nursery Options

More Earth-Friendly Nursery Options by Sherri Blum Today our Nursery and Kids Room Design Expert and Contributor, Sherri Blum talks about the choices we make when creating spaces for our kids. A pioneer specialist for children’s-room interior design, Sherri’s designs for celebrities, and for the baby next door. — In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to take a moment to share some great, earth-friendly decorating options for your […] Read more »

Alluminare Design Challenge

Alluminare Design Challenge World Class Designer Search You have chosen Alluminare’s new World Class Designer! Read the announcement here. Scroll down to view the 475 home decor patterns that artists worldwide submitted! And check out the TOP TEN Designs, and Lead Design Judge, Christopher Lowell’s commentary here. Design Junkies, do you ever doodle in patterns? Want to try your hand at creating fashionable patterns for light fixtures, wallpaper, […] Read more »

Design MIX Lighting

Design MIX Lighting Production assistant-fantastico, Lisa and I recently zipped down to L.A. to shoot some new videos for ‘ten,’ our upcoming New Year’s special event. True to form, we worked in a little design browsing. In the barn-like space of Design MIX Furniture (442 South La Brea Avenue), we couldn’t help but look up. Not that the exotic antiques and art at ground level left anything to […] Read more »

Ta Da! Challenge # 18 Results

Ta Da! Challenge # 18 Results Kenneth’s Lamp A Thousand Ways All the way from Snoqualmie in Washington State, to Dublin, Ireland, Design Junkies uploaded their creative plans to personalize designer Kenneth Brown’s unique lamp (from his QVC Collection). You can quickly update your room’s décor by changing the contents. of the lamp’s glass cylinder. We loved the diversity of the entries; there were colored glass tiles, marbles, Mickey Mouse beads […] Read more »

The Sparkle of Reuse

The Sparkle of Reuse Wish I’d thought of it. The creative peeps over at Organelle Design took ordinary clothes hangers and plastic bottles, applied their reuse wizardry and made these wonderful light fixtures. I just adore the “Hangeliers.” Here’s the wooden version. You can buy the gorgeous fixtures over at Organelle’s Etsy Shop (via 2Modern.)   Which of the fixtures would look best in your space? Read more »

Organza-Shade Chandeliers

Organza-Shade Chandeliers Something’s dressing up chandeliers in a way that Mom and Grandma may not have: Beautiful, translucent organza and other sheer shades. The layered look jazzes up traditional fixtures, like this teal-shade chandelier from Bellacor or this black beauty from We Got Lites. Contemporary fixtures like Shade’s of Light’s Urban Shade Chandelier are designed layered with sheer or mesh shades, or with the shade as an […] Read more »

Makeover — Lamp with Decorative Paper Shade

Makeover — Lamp with Decorative Paper Shade by Diana Durkes Get your DIY on as furniture makeover and upcycler specialist, Contributor Diana Durkes joins us again today. Diana gives “New Life to the Tossed and Found” at her blog, Fine Diving in Chicago. This month’s makeover is a favorite of mine for adding fresh color or a new layer of pattern to a room. It’s also a great way to use the […] Read more »

Trend Alert — Wine Bottle Lighting

Trend Alert — Wine Bottle Lighting Good wine and good lighting come together with this trend. Some of these have been around a bit, but we are seeing more—and more interesting—light fixtures and lamps made from wine bottles. My favorite is Pottery Barn’s Wine Bottle Chandelier that my friend Marie at Decorator on Demand mentioned on her blog. The ring of suspended green bottles is simple and impactful. FCL Style’s take […] Read more »

What’cha Designing Next?

What’cha Designing Next? This is a wondrous time for creative peeps. We can design and have printed our original fabric Retro Pink fabric. We can snap an iPhone photo of neighbor Marge’s delphiniums and buy perfectly-matched paint for the Master bath. Computer tools like this let us visualize our redesigned rooms before we shell out the bucks for a single appliance. And we can design our original furniture […] Read more »

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