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Ta Da! Challenge # 19 Results

Ta Da! Challenge # 19 Results Patterned Pumpkins Thanks to the participants in our Patterned Pumpkins Challenge! Jeepers those entries were varied. I thought Diane in Brentwood, California rocked the theme with this fall-leaves design: Here’s what Diane had to say: “I love the colors of fall so wanted to use them on my pumpkin. I found an oak leaf with an interesting shape and used it as a template to […] Read more »

Expecting Guests for the Holidays?

Expecting Guests for the Holidays? by GraceAnn Simoni Once again, today we are joined by Contributor GraceAnn Simoni, Interior Redesign and Staging Specialist and Instructor from the Chicagoland area. GraceAnn shares with us budget tips and advice for decorating with your existing furniture and accessories. — The holidays are fast approaching. Is your guest room ready or has it become the place where everything that does not have a home […] Read more »

Set the Table — Challenge # 20

Set the Table — Challenge # 20 The other day my buddy Diane said she wanted to set a gorgeous table for the holidays this year. She was taking stock of what she had on hand, and planning to score a few new things to spice up her tablescape. Leona recently gave us inspiration with the luscious scenes in her tinted glassware post. My daughter and I jumped in and created this […] Read more »

Patterned Pumpkins — Challenge # 19

Patterned Pumpkins — Challenge # 19 How about we try something different with a pumpkin? I went for some graphic ‘pop’ with patterns, and my nine-year old joined in the fun. We thumbed through my decorative sourcebooks (especially the Art Deco) for inspiration. Then we sketched a few quick ideas on a notepad. The pumpkin patterns are simply painted in cream-colored, acrylic craft paint. The two small pumpkins that she whipped […] Read more »

Colorful Tabletop Trend for Fall: Tinted Glassware

Colorful Tabletop Trend for Fall: Tinted Glassware by Leona Gaita Today we are once again joined by Leona Gaita, Interior Design Expert and Contributor. Leona shares with us her inspiring ideas and advice to help us enrich our homes and lives with beauty and elegance. — A great way to add some rich color to your table for fall, without changing dishes, or breaking the bank, is to add some colorful […] Read more »

Mother’s Day Craft and Gift — Sweet Stands

Mother’s Day Craft and Gift — Sweet Stands Planning to entertain Mom this Mother’s Day? Here’s an easy DIY craft and gift idea with big impact: our Mother’s Day Brunch and Tea Sweet Stands. Like little cake stands with an attitude, these are really fun to make. You may already own some mismatched pieces of china and glassware, or you can take a trip to the Goodwill like I did. Within half an […] Read more »

Easter and Spring DIY Craft — Table Decor

Easter and Spring DIY Craft — Table Decor Happy spring! Easter is just a few hops away; you’re probably booking that ham at HoneyBaked right now. If you’re entertaining Aunt Marge, Uncle Fred and the whole clan this Easter, or if you just want to brighten up your spring table, here’s an Easter DIY craft especially for you. Many moons ago, I got the great bargain of 50 cents apiece for a stack […] Read more »

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